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May Momiji

Yes, we meet again and its the month of May (err already mid-May)...anyway, I am glad to announce the lucky birthday girl for my Momiji collection. Its Stillida!!!


I hope you like it Ida. Yes guys, please do visit her blog. She can be funny sometimes.


ms write addict said…
me even have a rule, dont sms me if i know u have a wassap..( of koss lah we know bcse its stated beside their name in wassap phonebook pfft ) so, am not gonna reply.. hahhaa...

we have a "kechara soup kitchen" here where they provide food for the homeless people everyday for free.. and its done specifically according to time like its a routine which started i think 5-8 years back.. you can donate or volunteer. they even have their own animal welfare department.. =)

<a href=">KL Bird Park @ Lake Garden</a>