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My best friend: Amway Polishing Scrub

Ok, I am really not a fan of MLM but I must admit that my only existent facial scrub is an Amway product (Artistry Essentials - polishing scrub).

I used to use St. Ives Apricot facial scrub (for years) and then suddenly one nice day the scrub just dissapeared from the market. I could not find it in any leading pharmacy anymore. So I had no choice but to find alternatives.

Macam-macam facial wash I cuba. Kejap Oxywash (too oily), then I tried brand Simple (too neutral - takde effect langsung...mukaku masih berminyak) and then I also tried J&J facial wash, pun masih tak berkesan. So last-last jumpa la produk Amway ni.

And it been with me for approx 5+ years now and still loyal to it. What I like most is the tiny bits of the scrub itself. Its not too hard on my face and I love the smell, so fresh and most importantly I feel my face is clean every time after using it. I love it!


Mohammad Alias said…
I pun suka pasal boleh ambik sikit u punya
Still Ida said…
Dulu i pun pakai St Ives Apricot. Mmg ok pakai yg tu. Tapi tak perasan pulak dah discontinued. My hubs pun kdg2 curi pakai i punya :P
Almiraz said…
Alias: You memang...
ida: Abis tu you pakai apa sekarang?