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Old Medela Mini E story

Yay! My Medela Mini E is still in excellent condition. I got it checked and serviced at Medela UOA Bangsar. When it was put on for the first time since 4+ years, there it was, the 'potong rumput' sound was there but there was no suction. It did not work until Nurul changed the valve (Nurul is the technician there). But I was not convinced as there seemed to be nothing wrong with it. Until Nurul showed me that the valve is broken. The valve is such a small yellow thing but it has a major role in making the machine works. I am so happy now that I can let go my old Medela with a peaceful mind (rasa seronok dpt tolong ibu-ibu yang menyusu ni).


Medela Mini E

I am glad that I am able to help another mom who cannot afford to buy a brand new Medela which costs around RM400 to RM1,000 ++

So bye bye Mini E. I hope you will be of good use to your new owner.


JoJoWoon said…
Does it hurt your "chest nuts"?