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Someone out of town by Yuna

I'm so in love with this song by Yuna now. I keep on listening to it over and over again. And, I managed to write down the lyrics below (if you are interested). The lyrics could be wrong here or there but this was solely based on my repetitive act of listening this marvelous song. (Bila lah ada chance nak tengok Yuna perform live ni?). Anyway, here goes the DIY lyrics.

Verse 1
Ohh My God I see you clearly now
In my dreams you're here with me somehow
Call my name and I will make a sound
I'm in love with someone out of town

Who is this stranger
I should be scared could be dangerous
I should prepare for this
I wish I didn't fall so hard for youuuuu

Dap pararap pararap dar parara darp

Verse 2
You walk by but don't see me
Slow motion and so gracefully
Be my friend and I'll show you around
I'm in love with someone out of townnnn

Ulang Chorus

And click here the video I took from youtube


Anonymous said…
correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't it be :

Who is this stranger
I should be scared COULD BE dangerous
I should PREPARED for this
I wish I DIDN'T fall so HARD for youuuuu
Almiraz said…
Thank you anonymous.....Yeah, I thot so, that something is I corrected some of your edits... thanks ya!....
Almiraz said…
This comment has been removed by the author.