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Wordless Wednesday v.two

Why ibu?…why?

June Momiji

Yay! I am proud to say that I have 2 friends who will be part of my Momiji collection for June 2011.....and they are: Lina (11th) (Peace)Jo (29th) (Sunggle)Happy Birthday girls!!!...Hope you both like the Momiji key rings.

Kids Monster Carnival in Bangsar Shopping Centre

On Sunday 12 June, we went to Bangsar Shopping Centre to join a kids carnival themed  Monsters & Creatures Fun Nival 2011. I got to know this from Littleshakes. Since we had nothing major planned on that weekend, we decided why not we go coz I'm actually all about exposing my son to explore new things and adventure (chewah...). And so we went there at about 10 plus - pagi (told you before about how my hubs like to go out in the mornings kan?)....memang we were early so we got the chance to play anything we wanted, but of course, we need to buy the tokens first. There were about 25 booths (some are out of order, tak paham why it was still there)..anyway, I paid RM20 for 25 tokens and each booth required 3-5 tokens. Amir won 2 board of stickers. I think it was ok since he is still young and never had this experience. Some pictures….Biggu MonsterEhh..tak aci la baling dekat giler…Haaa…..tu masuk tau, jangan underestimate dia…This was the easiest..From 4th floorAt night, when we w…

Wordless Wednesday


A scienceamazing experience in Petrosains KLCC

I was not a science student when I was in school, but hubby was. So sometimes when he explaines to me some scientific rule I get confused coz I don't understand....but wait, I studied Biology when I took my IB (tapi takde gunanya skang ni pun)... Anyway, what intro was that? Sebenarnya nak cakap yang we went to Petrosains last Sunday as part of our not-the-mall-again outing (but, petrosains dalam KLCC mall, takpelah, ni exception). Amir, my first son, loves Petrosains soooo much! He asked us if we would go again immediately after we finished the 'Dark Ride'.....Anyway, the ticket price was RM10.20 (coz hubby got Petronas Mesra card, I lost mine, btw..) and FREE for kids below 5.First you will enter into a 'Dark Ride' (cheh macam scary je bunyik dia...tapi takla, tak scary langsung)..... just introductory information on how the world evolves and that the OIL is a precious resource and how Petronas is the only company who is managing it (...) Then, we entered into a …

First concert and after

What was the first concert that you have been to? Be it local or overseas? As for me, the first concert would be Feminin mini concert in Kompleks PKNS Shah gazillion years ago...(haha teruja giler k gi tengok Feminin...suka sangat ngan As time tu sbb dia mcm comel). I can't fully remember the exact concert but all I got to learn at that time was As was not as tall as I thought (dia macam kicik comey jer, macam besar I je kot).

Then when I was dating, I went to Westlife concert in Sunway Amphitheatre. At that time, I was not actually focused on the concert but just the special time spent with my boyfriend (note: my bf at that time is my hubby now..hehe)...(so, memang tau Westlife ada sana lambai2, jerit2, nyanyi2 tapi dari jauh jer) sebab bf dekat..hahaha

Next, I went to watch Kavana with my cousin in Life Centre KL (remember the song MFEO?).....ok, maybe you don't remember (artis UK ni mcm tenggelam habis dah skang ni)...All I can remember was we were quite near to…

bisou Cake Shop

If you fancy cupcakes but don't like them too sweet, then Bisou Cake Shop is the place! Bisou (pronounced as bee-zoo) means kisses and it is often said at the end of telephone conversation between friends or lovers (in France, I suppose).These are my 5 likes of Bisou: I like the taste because, although I have a sweet tooth, I don't fancy them being extremely sweet, so Bisou cupcakes are perfect for me! My favourites are Blue B and Chocolate Dementia.From L – R, Top – Bottom: Chocolate Dementia, Blue B, Red Velvet, Nutella, Lemon Frosting and Vanilla GardenI like the set-up (sebab I ni berangan nak bukak cafe konon, ntah bila la kan...). I really love the cakes in the glass domed cake plate (lagi tinggi, lagi suka...~~~~~pelik).bisou in Bangsar Village IFront counterFrom farI like the creative deco. Nowadays, the cupcakes business is mushrooming so it really depends on the deco of the place, or even the packaging/box. (ramai manusia makin kretif, maka makin berseri lah dunia kr…

Bloggers Fashion Rehab Bazaar


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!! haa tu dia... Memang a day to remember.

I got to know about this from Hana Tajima's website. So, I thought why not I come since its free and I get to see the people who revolutionised the wearing of hijab in Malaysia.

So we arrived there at 12. Yes, me and my camerakid cum assistant Amir. We then head straight to Madam Kwan area coz we need to get to UG floor. Then we registered at the security to gain access to the SoHo floors. The event was at the 10th floor.

There were not many people coz they've only started (it was from 12pm to 7 pm). When we entered, I straight away saw Hana Tajima,Ami Schaheeraand Mas (the organiser). (Terus gi amik gambar ngan Hana....excited gila ok, over betul). Luckily I have my camerakid (n nasib baik gambar polaroid budak kecik tu amik suma jadik).

Ni booth Hana Tajima. She is sooo cute and really a softspoken person. Amir helped to take our pictures but he goofed around (sampai Hana tergelak-gelak te…

Goodies from the States

Oh my oh I told in my last post, my dear friend Emily just came back from the States....with goodies...oh my...

Yes, my Spanxxxxx...woohoooo!!! Anddd I can fit in it.

Vans for my dear Amir. It's a bit big but he's growing so should be ok.

A Lego Batman t-shirt. He went crazy when he saw both the shoes and the t-shirt.

A closer view of the shirt. Cool huh? Since Amir loves Batman and Lego, this shirt is a perfect combo. He wanted to wear it immediately but I said he has to wait for our next outing this weekend (heheh).

A bodysuit for baby Amar....awwww sho shweeettt.

And, a casual bag for me (homaigad I heart love heart love beg ni).

Thank you very muchiii Emily.

My Monday

Yes, Monday. Hari Isnin. The first day of the week. Why do I 'love' Monday so much? Because, this is the spoiler day when we are actually happy enjoying our weekends. This is the day when my body is actually adjusting back to the wake-up time of yes, late. Monday is the starting day for no-nap or power naps during daytime :( . And, most importantly, Monday is one of the working days.....ergghhh..

Do you know that according to the British Medical Journal, there is a reported 20% increase in heart attacks on Mondays as opposed to the other days of the week. [source:] (kenapa agaknya ek?)

In UK, sometimes suddenly they will have Mondays as Bank Holiday. I'm not quite sure what was the reasons but definitely were a fantastic day off for me, from lectures or tutorials....Hehe...(dulu I dok ingat sebab diorang takde banyak holidays macam kita kat Malaysia ni, so tiba-tiba je ada cuti pulak hari Isnin).

But today is a different…


Saja nak tengok picture quality...

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I just bought these.
Pictures from here

Yep, Kalkitos. I remember when I was young, I love to play this thing using the ball point pen (tenyeh sana, tenyeh sini). Then, suddenly, Kalkitos just went to dunno where. Just recently, Kalkitos is back but was not available in Malaysia until today (tu yang cepat je awok gi Bangsar iyer, panjang tul kaki).

Wait til hubby and Amir see them (yes, I am excited).

Kembali kepada asal

Syoknya. Terkejut pun ada. Pagi tadi ukur berat. Picture from hereBila!...berat dah kembali kepada asal. Like before pregnant. This is amazing coz I remember that I did not shed that fast during my first pregnancy. I took 1 year to reach to my original weight during my first pregnancy. I'm still breastfeeding by the way tapi perasan susu dah kurang sikit sejak batuk kronik hari tu. For your info, last 3 weeks I was coughing like mad ( I rasa paling teruk pernah I alami) and I was on medication. My milk production jatuh from 3 bottles per 8 hours work to only 2 bottles now. So, baby Amar has to drink formula (mesti kasi Anmum sebab yang tu proven lesser sugar than Enfalac kan?). But I must breastfeed until he reaches 2 years old....just like abangnya Amir. My colleague (Ira) said that I lose 500 calories for every pumping session. But, to be fair, I memang makan banyak so I rasa I breakeven la kot. But, masa batuk kronik tu, memang I tak makan coz I really could not …