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bisou Cake Shop

If you fancy cupcakes but don't like them too sweet, then Bisou Cake Shop is the place! Bisou (pronounced as bee-zoo) means kisses and it is often said at the end of telephone conversation between friends or lovers (in France, I suppose).

These are my 5 likes of Bisou:

I like the taste because, although I have a sweet tooth, I don't fancy them being extremely sweet, so Bisou cupcakes are perfect for me! My favourites are Blue B and Chocolate Dementia.

DSC_0024 [800x600] From L – R, Top – Bottom: Chocolate Dementia, Blue B, Red Velvet, Nutella, Lemon Frosting and Vanilla Garden

I like the set-up (sebab I ni berangan nak bukak cafe konon, ntah bila la kan...). I really love the cakes in the glass domed cake plate (lagi tinggi, lagi suka...~~~~~pelik).

IMG_0207 [800x600] bisou in Bangsar Village I

IMG_0210 [800x600] Front counter

IMG_0208 [800x600] From far

IMG_0209 [800x600]

I like the creative deco. Nowadays, the cupcakes business is mushrooming so it really depends on the deco of the place, or even the packaging/box. (ramai manusia makin kretif, maka makin berseri lah dunia kreatif kita)

DSC_0022 [800x600] Love the box too

I like the service/hospitality. Never ever the staff being unfriendly to me or difficult to deal with. Never. So, kudos Bisou for that!

Last but not least, I like the non-cupcake food too!. The other day I tried Tuna Panini....Its big portion and yummy too...(sebab lapar kan?...)

IMG_0224 [800x600] Dah gigit sebab lapar sangat

P/S: Plan to taste Delectables by Su (in Pavillion) (tapi kena ajak hubby) but the cakes look expensive…and……oh dah lama tak makan Wondermilk cupcakes….should try to make time for that too…


Coffee Mama said…
Eh2, mentang2 la dah muat pakai kebaya, penuh schedule aktiviti jalan2 cari makan ye..hehehehe..
By d way, the cuppies looks yummy!!So tempting!