bisou Cake Shop

If you fancy cupcakes but don't like them too sweet, then Bisou Cake Shop is the place! Bisou (pronounced as bee-zoo) means kisses and it is often said at the end of telephone conversation between friends or lovers (in France, I suppose).

These are my 5 likes of Bisou:

I like the taste because, although I have a sweet tooth, I don't fancy them being extremely sweet, so Bisou cupcakes are perfect for me! My favourites are Blue B and Chocolate Dementia.

DSC_0024 [800x600] From L – R, Top – Bottom: Chocolate Dementia, Blue B, Red Velvet, Nutella, Lemon Frosting and Vanilla Garden

I like the set-up (sebab I ni berangan nak bukak cafe konon, ntah bila la kan...). I really love the cakes in the glass domed cake plate (lagi tinggi, lagi suka...~~~~~pelik).

IMG_0207 [800x600] bisou in Bangsar Village I

IMG_0210 [800x600] Front counter

IMG_0208 [800x600] From far

IMG_0209 [800x600]

I like the creative deco. Nowadays, the cupcakes business is mushrooming so it really depends on the deco of the place, or even the packaging/box. (ramai manusia makin kretif, maka makin berseri lah dunia kreatif kita)

DSC_0022 [800x600] Love the box too

I like the service/hospitality. Never ever the staff being unfriendly to me or difficult to deal with. Never. So, kudos Bisou for that!

Last but not least, I like the non-cupcake food too!. The other day I tried Tuna Panini....Its big portion and yummy too...(sebab lapar kan?...)

IMG_0224 [800x600] Dah gigit sebab lapar sangat

P/S: Plan to taste Delectables by Su (in Pavillion) (tapi kena ajak hubby) but the cakes look expensive…and……oh dah lama tak makan Wondermilk cupcakes….should try to make time for that too…

1 scribz:

Coffee Mama said...

Eh2, mentang2 la dah muat pakai kebaya, penuh schedule aktiviti jalan2 cari makan ye..hehehehe..
By d way, the cuppies looks yummy!!So tempting!

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