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First concert and after

What was the first concert that you have been to? Be it local or overseas? As for me, the first concert would be Feminin mini concert in Kompleks PKNS Shah gazillion years ago...(haha teruja giler k gi tengok Feminin...suka sangat ngan As time tu sbb dia mcm comel). I can't fully remember the exact concert but all I got to learn at that time was As was not as tall as I thought (dia macam kicik comey jer, macam besar I je kot).

Then when I was dating, I went to Westlife concert in Sunway Amphitheatre. At that time, I was not actually focused on the concert but just the special time spent with my boyfriend (note: my bf at that time is my hubby now..hehe)...(so, memang tau Westlife ada sana lambai2, jerit2, nyanyi2 tapi dari jauh jer) sebab bf dekat..hahaha

Next, I went to watch Kavana with my cousin in Life Centre KL (remember the song MFEO?).....ok, maybe you don't remember (artis UK ni mcm tenggelam habis dah skang ni)...All I can remember was we were quite near to Kavana but still seated (dok depan- actually my cousin yang suka gile kt dia I just ikut jer...hehe)

So as I grow older, from loving Take That to NKOTB then KRU then artists like Nice Stupid Playground, The Cranberries, Micheal Learns To Rock then The Coors, which all of them I did not go for any concert.

I finally get to see a concert after all that; by Avril Lavigne. It was in Manchester Arena, for £40. There were too many people (tau la mat salleh ni kan besar2, memang menghalang pandangan betul tau). Dahla tu, amik gambar pun nampak kepala mat saleh and low quality sbb fon zaman purba. The only tangible item yang dapat dari sana is a shirt which I loveeee so much! But all in all, Avril rocked and still rocks!!!

I know I really want to see Yuna live on stage, but never had a chance.....or perhaps watch FT ker.....(ntah bila la kan). So, as conclusion that was all the concerts that I have attended throughout my years, eventhough not hype concerts but at least ada la tengok about you? Pernah tengok concert apa? I wanna know...

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ms write addict said…
somehow, even me tak penah pi concert, me dpt bayangkan kesukaran u nak nengok avril sbb ure petite-ly kiut unless u wear one of lady gaga shoes,boleh pijak je kaki2 mat saleh2 giant itu.