Goodies from the States

Oh my oh I told in my last post, my dear friend Emily just came back from the States....with goodies...oh my...

Yes, my Spanxxxxx...woohoooo!!! Anddd I can fit in it.

Vans for my dear Amir. It's a bit big but he's growing so should be ok.

A Lego Batman t-shirt. He went crazy when he saw both the shoes and the t-shirt.

A closer view of the shirt. Cool huh? Since Amir loves Batman and Lego, this shirt is a perfect combo. He wanted to wear it immediately but I said he has to wait for our next outing this weekend (heheh).

A bodysuit for baby Amar....awwww sho shweeettt.

And, a casual bag for me (homaigad I heart love heart love beg ni).

Thank you very muchiii Emily.

4 scribz:

littleshakes said...

I'm so glad you like everything!! If only my bags were larger... I could have brought more :-)

Almiraz said...

hehe...yeah, so dat can fit another 100 kilos....kekekeekk.....thanks again...

ms write addict said...

i havent manage to try the spanx yet GRRRRRRRR... why la the timing..hahah

Goofinesh Colleagues

Almiraz said...

Hehe..Ira..takpe, byk masa lagi...heheheh

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