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My Monday

Yes, Monday. Hari Isnin. The first day of the week. Why do I 'love' Monday so much? Because, this is the spoiler day when we are actually happy enjoying our weekends. This is the day when my body is actually adjusting back to the wake-up time of yes, late. Monday is the starting day for no-nap or power naps during daytime :( . And, most importantly, Monday is one of the working days.....ergghhh..

Do you know that according to the British Medical Journal, there is a reported 20% increase in heart attacks on Mondays as opposed to the other days of the week. [source:] (kenapa agaknya ek?)

In UK, sometimes suddenly they will have Mondays as Bank Holiday. I'm not quite sure what was the reasons but definitely were a fantastic day off for me, from lectures or tutorials....Hehe...(dulu I dok ingat sebab diorang takde banyak holidays macam kita kat Malaysia ni, so tiba-tiba je ada cuti pulak hari Isnin).

But today is a different Monday. I will get the stuffs I kirim from LittleShakes. She just came back from the states. Apa barangnya? Tentulah my Spanx......woot woot! ...... and also a pair of Vans shoes for Amir (kasut raya tahun ni).

So hopefully today is a good Monday for me...(I hope)

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Coffee Mama said…
Jeles2! Semua orang dah pakai spanx, tak boleh jadi ni!huhuhu
Almiraz said…
Lina, best ooo pakai Spanx...(for now lah)...n duduk pun kena posture betul, and drive....I mean, its good sebab it helps to cover the bulging lemaks....its just cosmetic kan...haaa bila nak beli nih?