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A scienceamazing experience in Petrosains KLCC

I was not a science student when I was in school, but hubby was. So sometimes when he explaines to me some scientific rule I get confused coz I don't understand....but wait, I studied Biology when I took my IB (tapi takde gunanya skang ni pun)...

Anyway, what intro was that? Sebenarnya nak cakap yang we went to Petrosains last Sunday as part of our not-the-mall-again outing (but, petrosains dalam KLCC mall, takpelah, ni exception). Amir, my first son, loves Petrosains soooo much! He asked us if we would go again immediately after we finished the 'Dark Ride'.....Anyway, the ticket price was RM10.20 (coz hubby got Petronas Mesra card, I lost mine, btw..) and FREE for kids below 5.

First you will enter into a 'Dark Ride' (cheh macam scary je bunyik dia...tapi takla, tak scary langsung)..... just introductory information on how the world evolves and that the OIL is a precious resource and how Petronas is the only company who is managing it (...)

Then, we entered into a whole lot of areas (boleh Google jer or click on this link).

But, to me, the best was the Sparkz and Space area. Sparkz sebab baby Amar can finally come out of his stroller and let loose (tapi, cushion2 nampak lama and maybe tak berapa hygenic- maybe need to change cushion cover?). Amir pulak teruja sebab dia dapat naik helicopter dan lalu hujan batu.

As for Space, Amir can pretend to be an astronaut and sleep in astronaut's sleeping bag.

IMG_0214 [800x600] In astronaut’s sleeping bag

IMG_0215 [800x600] Pretending to be an astronaut

DSC_0064 [800x600] In oil rig (after the helicopter ride)

DSC_0062 [800x600] Curious face

DSC_0072 [800x600] Vroom vroom

One thing, for the kids it was an enjoyable experience and for us, the adults, its like a refresher on all the science rules that we have learnt. (As for me yang tak amik science nih, kena baca satu-satu and explain kat Amir).

All in all, it was fun and educational for all of us, balik tu kitorang gi makan kat Chillis and jalan-jalan kat Toys R us (so much for not-the-mall-again outing)...heheh...