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Amar’s first food

Ok, I admit la I am a lazy mom. I nak semua senang jer, without any effort. Teruk kan?..Anyway, memula haritu I was imagining myself using this superb Phillips Avent Blender and Steamer macam dalam youtube nih (klik sini)

philipsblend Phillips Avent Blender and Steamer

Yes, lepas tu imagine la berapa RM yang akan keluar kalau beli benda tu. Thinking that I could just boil and mash then feed Amar myself, I macam..hmmm takyah beli kot...lagipun baby kan cepat besar, nanti tak guna pulak benda tuh...

Amar dah nak masuk 9 months bulan ni tapi I masih belum buat apa2 lagi...I made porridge for him like 2 months ago but he refused it. Then I became demotivated. So, makanan dia cuma biskut Farley or Milna tuh. And makan time pagi jer. Bila petang takde makan.

But, since I found Ellaskitchen and Rafferty's Garden, senang hidup haku. And Amar pun suka. It's easy, can be consumed hot or cold. I pernah rasa, sedap la jugak, tak manis sangat so its not bad. Mula-mula beli satu jer, takut Amar tak suka, tapi lepas tu I borong semua dalam product range dia. Lagi best, takyah mangkuk bagai, just squirt letak dalam sudu then suap. Kalau dalam keta, squirt dalam mulut dia…hehe. Epic easy.

IMG_0365 Borong kecil-kecilan

I am not sure if there's any side effects by consuming this everyday. The label says there's no additives or preservatives. Should be ok kot. Once, I break the norm by giving him KFC's mash potato. But, he doesn't like it. Buat muka nak muntah pulak.
Bubur pun akan bagi jugak, mesti la kan sebab kita orang Asia, mesti makan nasik. Itu dalam planning (hehe). Cik Dah I kasi dia makan roti (wah advance)...celup-celup dalam susu. Amar suka. Ok, takpe, so I just stick to Pakcik Rafferty on weekends then. Takmo tiap-tiap hari.

P/S: I remember my mom said masa I kecik dulu I hantu Gerber. So I turned out well. Kesimpulannya makan ni should be ok…kekekekekeke


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