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Donatello? Michealangelo?…no lah, its Ritello…

You know how much Rainbow the vacuum cost? It's unbelievably expensive! Now there's an alternative. This alternative machine functions exactly the same as Rainbow but with a cheaper price. What's the price? Yes, we'll talk about that later, but first, let me just spill out my current obsession; vacuuming. Yes, you read it right. It's vacuuming.

Remember the traditional way of sweeping the floor and mopping the whole house only to find out that the dust was just flowing in the air? and after that it lands on your furniture and fixtures, your carpet and then your floor again?

Now with Ritello you can toss the broom and mop out of your window. Say goodbye to flowing dust and hello to an advanced cleaning system.

 Ritello foto 2 Ritello [Google picture je]

*Bunyi macam advertisement kan?

*sambung lagi

When was the last time you clean your mattress? Anyway, how do you clean it? Do you just pat the matress outside your home with a broom stick? And after all that hard work, the dust comes back in your house.

And do you know that 1 dot of pen on a paper is equivalent to 2,000 dust mites? Can you imagine one whole bed? And these dust mites feed on our dead skin and may extend to our skin during their peak feeding hours at 3 am to 6 am. That's the time when we are in our deep sleep. Its the worst if you have enczema. Ever wonder why your baby scratching their face and hands?...Its because of these dust mites.

 dustmit3 Pic from here

*Ok dah, sekarang meh dengar my personal experience

My mom just bought Ritello (like 2 weeks ago) and we have been using it eversince. Vacuuming our mattresses, carpets, floors, air-con filters, and for my case, Amir's toys. Yes, his toys berhabuk yang tak hengat punya (dah tak minat ngan mainan-mainan dia...sibuk ngan gadget2 terkini abahnya). Lepas vacuum terus sakit pinggang sebab membersihkan bilik (hello bilik jer...) dengan penuh dedikasi seumpama seorang patriot (hahahah)...

Oh yeah, another thing, I hate the air that comes out from a vacuum cleaner, but with Ritello, clean air comes out of the system, you can put essential oils to purify the air in your room. So lepas vacuum (dengan penuh dedikasi tadi) I pasang pewangi bilik tuh...huuuuuhhhh.....rasa nyaman gitu....

Bersyukur mom beli benda nih. Weekend ni nak get obsess lagi!


Anonymous said…
Hi, I would to know is the ritello still working fine? How much does it cost? Function exactly like rainbow? Thanks.
Almiraz said…
Hi Anon,

Ritello still working fine, just need to dry the top of the water bin after use and don't leave the thing with water overnight. Have to take good care of it.

Price?...expensive but not as expensive as Rainbow. Functions like Rainbow, but maybe Rainbow slightly better. I say this bcoz I have experience using both.

U interested? I can give u my agent's name.