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Irasshini’s birthday in Delicious

My family and I went to Delicious at Marc Residence for a birthday party. It was my friend; Shoby's daughter (her daughter's name is Irasshini) 1st birthday party. For Indians, it is customary to have a big event like this when a child (girl) reaches 1 year old and reaches puberty. I'm not sure if its the same for boys though.

Anyway, I would say it is a well-planned birthday party. My friend even made the invitations herself. So creative. Even I yang self-proclaimed creative nih tak sampai tahap tu boleh buat kad. Malas pun iye jugak.

Overall, the party was great, with delicious food indeed!....

DSC_0064 Posing jap

Ada clown, face painting and tattoo activities for kids. Since this is Amir's first time, he enjoyed his time and loved his butterfly tattoo (they didn't have tatoo for boys, birthday ni girl punya la katakan).

DSC_0051 Clown entertaining kids

DSC_0066 With his butterfly tattoo

DSC_0060 Happy Birthday Irasshini!!!……(tapi dia pulak yang sibuk)

Irasbday1 A collage of pics from Shoby

Irasbday2 Shoby and her family…(pic from Shoby)

DSC_0067 Nak balik dah…