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Wondermilk Cuppacakes Show at Chitta Mall

Oh I love bazaars and flea market!

So when I saw the ad below in OldBlossomBox, I immediately informed hubs to join. The opening of +Wondermilk’s new outlet is in Citta Mall (near Subang airport). Seriously, I have never had +Wondermilk cupcakes before, but I think (I might be wrong), +Wondermilk is the first cupcake shop in Malaysia.....only after that a lot of other cupcakes shop mushroomed.

The special thing about the opening of this particular outlet is that they had a lot of activities and line-ups for customers such as free cupcakes (yes! free), face painting competitions and my favourite; flea market!


We arrived there at 6 pm and I have to admit that I was quite blur on what should be done to get the free cupcakes (excited pulak). I asked around and gathered that I should queue to get the FREE cupcakes. And so I queued to register and got meself a cute box of free cuppacakes!!

IMG_0404 Collect here

IMG_0407 4 mini cupcakes in a cute box!

While waiting, I just simply snapped a few pictures. I love the deco of the shop! (in fact, memang berangan nak bukak cafe, tapi belum cukup modal...nun jauh lagi nak sampai modal).

DSC_0008 A young rocker pondering

IMG_0399 The wall

IMG_0403 The acoustic area

IMG_0401 The cuppas

After I got my cupcakes, we went to the back to see the flea market. My aim is to get something from Sputniksweetheart and after approval from my banker (my hubs, obviously) he belanja-ed me a skirt and a headscarf. Weeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~.

After browsing around we ordered +Wondermilk’s bestseller drink; Passion Fruit Ice Soda and an Ice chocolate. With that purchase I was entitled for a lucky draw and I got meself a cute back-to-school note book but with an flowery pattern on it.

IMG_0409 My lucky draw prize: So nice! Wish I got a bigger prize though…

One thing, Amir was not sporting enough to get his face painted, he also didn’t join me to queue. I guess he’s not in the mood coz he kept bugging me to go back home. Amar was also not cheery as he would be (ni mesti pakat 2 beradik nih) but, nevertheless they did not scream or yell in the crowd. They were well behaved. I’m blessed to have them.

DSC_0002 Ma Kiddos

I guess, this is my thing, I really hope that we would have an original car boot sale like, like the real deal where people sell their pre-love out of their car-boots…hehehh….(macam kat UK tuhhh). Oh I would be the first to come….hehehehhe…..


moga satu hari nnt impian u nk buka cafe tu tercapailah eaa..

comey bebudak tu..:)
Almiraz said…
InsyaAllah kan...thanks for commenting...