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Decorate Album by Yuna: Worth my moolahh

I just bought Yuna's latest album entitled Decorate. I love all the songs in it. Yuna is such a genius!! She wrote all the songs in this album. Here is a list of her songs in this Decorate album and my ♥ ratings:1. Gadis Semasa ♥♥♥
2. These Streets ♥♥♥♥
3. Penakut ♥♥♥♥
4. Fireworks ♥♥♥♥
5. Rocket ♥♥♥♥
6. Random Awesome ♥♥♥♥♥
7. Permission ♥♥♥♥
8. Cinta Sempurna ♥♥♥♥
9. Decorate ♥♥♥♥♥
10. Super Something ♥♥♥♥Wait......if you wait like nearly 5 minutes, you will listen to the Bonus track which is "Dan Sebenarnya" ....My sister in law told me wonder I was like "apsalla CD Yuna ni rosak ke apa..."

Wordless Wednesday v.six

A cutesy friend by my side (or ear, or fingers)...Happy Wednesday Tweetples!!!

Buka Puasa @Serai, Empire Shopping Gallery

Last week I went for a berbuka puasa date with hubby. We always do this, at least once in Ramadhan, just the 2 of us (provided ada babysitter la). Last year we went to Madam Kwan MV (read about it here). So this year we went to Serai in Empire Shopping Gallery. This was our first time. See what we had:Serai Platter RM25
Ok, meaty but few veggies.Asparagus belacan RM18
That's why hubby ordered this, coz he wanted some veggies to accompany his meal. Nasi Kerabu RM20
I prefer the Nasi Kerabu in Belanga, maybe because I have been eating it ever since it opened so its an acquired taste. I couldn't finish this one because the veggies and crackles were a lot. Serai Iced Tea RM10.50
Ok, something new, I quite like it.Pandan Banana Fritters RM13.00
But I like the one in Barra Cafe and Madam Kwan more, yang ni biasa-biasa jer.Teh Tarik RM5.00
Not a fan. I'm sure the taste is the same everywhere. Dah kenyang so we tapau-ed thisIs the awesome Berry Pavlova RM14…

Flashback: Shopping in Next @Trafford Centre

Have you ever woken up at 3 am just to go for shopping? Well, I did it once. It was NEXT sale in Trafford Centre, Manchester. Crazy huh? Yeah, but when we reached there, there was already a long queue. (Crazy betul mat saleh ni tak tido ke?)... Anyway, my objective was to buy some decent working clothes (since I was planning to work when I come back to Malaysia) but maternity clothes was not at all in my list (stupid kan?)... I mean, why on earth I did not buy maternity clothes? I know I will be needing it some time...huh.....anyway, it was a new shopping experience for me. When the door opened at 4 am, these mat salehs style of shopping is grab whatever you see and then deal with it later. What I mean by deal with it later is in the UK you can return the goods (not necessarily with tag, just a receipt will suffice) and then you can get your money back. From what I heard, many Malaysians sort of like buy (expensive dress/suit or some buy crockery set) and then returns them to get thei…

August Momiji

It’s already August !!! To my dear sister, have a happy happy birthday!!!Momiji Sister for Ciah

Flashback: Fasting during winter

Two things I did not have during my study time in UK was a digital camera, and a blog. So I decided that since now I have a blog, I can revisit old memories by posting entries on what happened and what I did (but some maybe takde sad). Well, at least I can record them somewhere since my scrapbook album project dah terbengkalai eversince my first son was born...hahhahaha... So, my inaugural entry would be 'Fasting during winter' bersesuaian dengan bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini....heheheh. Fasting during winter is the best because you would only fast like a few hours, (because daytime is shorter). Last time when I was there, Ramadhan was in November and at the same time it was winter. My friends and I woke up for sahur like normal time here in Malaysia but we open fast at around 4 to 430 pm. So fun because if there were no classes, we would be sleeping till 3 pm and then berbuka at 4 pm..........kira puasa sejam je….hahahaahah (teruk betul). But, if we had to attend c…


Everywhere in the news and youtube, we watched how Asyraf Haziq, a Malaysian student who was mugged and beaten by youths while on his way to a friend's for iftar. His jaw broke and had to be hospitalised. This incident is not new to the UK, even when I was there, ramai Chavs [is a stereotype of certain people in the United Kingdom. Chavs are said to be aggressive teenagers, of working class background, who repeatedly engage in anti-social behaviour such as street drinking, drug abuse and rowdiness, or other forms of juvenile delinquency) - source: wikipedia]. Kalau kat Ireland, ramai anak DOLE (anak Dol) because they live on food stamps and social contribution money that residents in Ireland pay. They will keep on getting money. Diorang memang akan dapat duit dari kerajaan sebab kalau kerajaan tu nak kekal memerintah, kebajikan diorang ni takkan diabaikan.Chavs ni selalu ada je lalu lalang depan rumah, buat bising pukul 3 -4 pagi. Diorang suka pakai baju tracksuit and hoodie. Kala…

Office potluck

This is a long overdue post. But I’m still posting it coz its got pictures of food…Really testing our patience here since its Ramadhan…..wrong move Almiraz….Our office had a potluck just before Ramadhan, so basically everyone showed their culinary skills *ahem, ahem……for those who are culinary impaired, they bought food which were equally yummy….huhu….Made by StillIda, so talented girlBy yours truly, the only dessert I know how to makeMy boss said she is culinary impaired, so she bought yummy local fruitsCaesar Salad with Feta Cheese…by MsWriteAddict….healthy and yummyOh sambal udangPasta made by Littleshakes…awesome yummy!My favourite roti jalaSatay also my favouriteFried beehon, fried chicken and mix vegNot forgetting, Jojo bought soft drinks and ice-cream as thirst quencher….really, really, highlight of the potluck!…besides the food…that was my favourite…..

Reduced price @Cold Storage

Shopping in Cold Storage could be a pain because the prices are more expensive plus it caters for foreigners (expatriates) because they have a wide variety of overseas food for sale. In Cold Storage, I love to shop for Pakcik Rafferty's (click here about my post on Rafferty's Garden), instant Belgian waffles and instant pizza dough (kat Giant takde pakcik Rafferty tapi baru semalam tengok Giant dah jual). Anyway, recently Cold Storage has a section for 'reduced price' items. I love this section because the prices are stripped off up to 80% so basically I can get expensive veggies, fruits, canned food or even precooked food at a cheap price. Since my son loves to eat salad and normally a pack of salad is RM8 - RM11 per pack, RM2.99 per pack is just perfect! My friend Littleshakes loves the nasi ayam. The original price was RM6.49 then it was marked down to RM1.99. Cheap huh?! Today, I grabbed more veggies (broccoli, baby kailan and spinach)  and 2 mangoes at only RM6.46…