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Buka Puasa @Serai, Empire Shopping Gallery

Last week I went for a berbuka puasa date with hubby. We always do this, at least once in Ramadhan, just the 2 of us (provided ada babysitter la). Last year we went to Madam Kwan MV (read about it here).

So this year we went to Serai in Empire Shopping Gallery. This was our first time. See what we had:

IMG_0483 Serai Platter RM25
Ok, meaty but few veggies.

IMG_0476 Asparagus belacan RM18
That's why hubby ordered this, coz he wanted some veggies to accompany his meal.

IMG_0477 Nasi Kerabu RM20
I prefer the Nasi Kerabu in Belanga, maybe because I have been eating it ever since it opened so its an acquired taste. I couldn't finish this one because the veggies and crackles were a lot.

IMG_0479 Serai Iced Tea RM10.50
Ok, something new, I quite like it.

IMG_0487 Pandan Banana Fritters RM13.00
But I like the one in Barra Cafe and Madam Kwan more, yang ni biasa-biasa jer.

IMG_0485 Teh Tarik RM5.00
Not a fan. I'm sure the taste is the same everywhere.

IMG_0488 Dah kenyang so we tapau-ed this

IMG_0489 Is the awesome Berry Pavlova RM14.80
OMG. Best gile. I feel like pressing a loud buzzer for macarons when I had it. Definitely my new love ♥♥♥

Overall, its pricy but the service was quite good, right from the beginning (when I called to reserve a place). The staff who attended to us was Taufiq. He was really, really friendly.

For enquiries and reservations, contact:

LG37, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-56370706


Anonymous said…
Ol... sedapnya... tgk je pun rasa kenyang oredi. rm100++ for 2pax, yummylicious food, smthg yg mmg kita nak makan, i bet this is more worth it than going for all the "karut" ramadhan buffet kan... tp my eyes trlbh focus on the pavlova, hehhehe must try it one day yg entah la bila tu...
Aunty Lin
Almiraz said…
Tapi ni kira mahalla jugak actually...Kali ni macam tak excited sangat ngan Ramadhan buffet after incident last year tu and also, nowadays rasa macam minum air banyak sampai susah nak makan banyak2...I'm more into drinks than food..About that Pavlova..mmg va va voom lah...tapi tempat lain pun mesti best Pavlova dia (kot)....will explore and blog about it...hehehehe...thanks for visiting!!!
Mohammad Alias said…
Pada i kira sedap gak...bole try lagi next year
Almiraz said…
I nak pavlova dia je!!!!