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Flashback: Fasting during winter

Two things I did not have during my study time in UK was a digital camera, and a blog. So I decided that since now I have a blog, I can revisit old memories by posting entries on what happened and what I did (but some maybe takde sad). Well, at least I can record them somewhere since my scrapbook album project dah terbengkalai eversince my first son was born...hahhahaha...

So, my inaugural entry would be 'Fasting during winter' bersesuaian dengan bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini....heheheh.

Fasting during winter is the best because you would only fast like a few hours, (because daytime is shorter). Last time when I was there, Ramadhan was in November and at the same time it was winter. My friends and I woke up for sahur like normal time here in Malaysia but we open fast at around 4 to 430 pm. So fun because if there were no classes, we would be sleeping till 3 pm and then berbuka at 4 pm..........kira puasa sejam je….hahahaahah (teruk betul). But, if we had to attend class, we just had a few dates and water, and went back home for food. We don't usually spend so much money on food. Just sometimes on occasion we will go Nandos (yes, its Halal there), or Yo Sushi but, most of the time we would just eat at home. Eating at home was so cheap, it came up to just a pound per day (murah kan?)

Normally, kitorang berbuka tak fancy sangat, just masak simple2 like sambal sardin or paling malas just masak chicken tikka masala (kat UK ada yang dalam botol tu) just letak ayam..senang gile...itupun dah sedap dah masa tu.

Terawih after iftar is another highlight of fasting. I used to go to the masjid (not nearby my house anyway) somewhere... (kenapalah tak ingat) but it was a Pakistani area (seronok bertarawih di sana)...siap ada makan-makan lagi lepas solat witir. The thing is I tak iftar di masjid sebab it was always bad timing (classes, tido..hahaha), fasting during winter was fun...lucky for me, it was not summer.....