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Reduced price @Cold Storage

Shopping in Cold Storage could be a pain because the prices are more expensive plus it caters for foreigners (expatriates) because they have a wide variety of overseas food for sale. In Cold Storage, I love to shop for Pakcik Rafferty's (click here about my post on Rafferty's Garden), instant Belgian waffles and instant pizza dough (kat Giant takde pakcik Rafferty tapi baru semalam tengok Giant dah jual).

Anyway, recently Cold Storage has a section for 'reduced price' items. I love this section because the prices are stripped off up to 80% so basically I can get expensive veggies, fruits, canned food or even precooked food at a cheap price. Since my son loves to eat salad and normally a pack of salad is RM8 - RM11 per pack, RM2.99 per pack is just perfect! My friend Littleshakes loves the nasi ayam. The original price was RM6.49 then it was marked down to RM1.99. Cheap huh?! Today, I grabbed more veggies (broccoli, baby kailan and spinach)  and 2 mangoes at only RM6.46 on what could have costed me RM17.64!!!

IMG_0457 Mangoes look bad but they tasted nice!

Most important thing is, since the food and veggies are very near to the due date, you would have to be extra careful like for example the salad, you would have to wash thoroughly leaf by leaf even though they're prewashed, precut, preanything. This is because, they could still contain bacterias unless they're presterilised (which they are not la kan...).

Finally feeling like I'm in overseas (I went crazy when Asda or Aldi reduced their prices, everyday man...)

Oh by the way, the Accesorize shop in KLCC have been having the same bag on sale for RM180 ever since the shop opened...depa ni tak paham konsep end of season sale ka?