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Aidilfitri 2011: Part 3 (homebound)

It was 4 Syawal and we planned to go back to KL. But before that, we made a first stop in Pengkalan Chepa for breakfast at my aunty's house and then spent the next half an hour camwhoring at the paddy fields (jakun gile).

DSC_0149 Us 4

We made so many pit stops. At first, my dad planned to have our lunch in Beserah but due to time constraint and sentimental reasons, we had our 'lunch' at 5 pm in Pantai Primula Beach Resort. Yes, when I was a lot younger, this hotel is 'the' hotel to singgah whenever we went back to Kelantan. It used to have a water fountain at the main entrance but not anymore. See what I had (memang sedappp).

IMG_0557 Pantai Primula Beach Resort Special Fried Rice

Our next pit stop was Makcik Gemuk 69. This is the place where my mom gets her keropok supply. The business is now taken over by Makcik's daughter but the stall  didn't look improved. Not many items were for sale. Nevertheless, we stopped there for again, sentimental values.

IMG_0556 Makcik Gemuk 69

IMG_0555 Mom negotiating

Terengganu was awesome, weather was nice and the view was fascinating. We made a pit stop just to enjoy the beach and again, camwhoring (err, pictures, not approved to be published here, only Amir’s picture is ok).

DSC_0174 Amir in shades

Kerteh was really full of lights (from the oil/petrol plant), wish we had the opportunity to make a pit stop in TMC/Mesra Mall but, it was already late and the mall was closed for public.

Of course, there were toilet stops and solat stops but there was one toilet stop which to me was the most disgusting toilet ever! I can’t remember which petrol station and where but to tell you the truth, a whole packet of wipes and hand cream just could not remove the ‘hancing’ smell on my hands which I gotten from touching the rubber pipe in the toilet!! Euwwwwww!!!

After a 15+ hours of journey, we reached home sweet home and Syukur Alhamdulillah our house is in good condition and we have safely arrived (lalu Karak pulak tu, nasib I belum tengok citer tu).


Anonymous said…
sgt luv ur "Us 4" padi field foto Ol... agaknya many yrs to come b4 u all blk Klate again. by then kiri kanan tambah lagi "Us ??"... muahahhaa...
~ Aunty Lin
Almiraz said…
Hehehe...insyaallah aunty lin!!...Harap2 girls....hihihi
Still Ida said…
U should get the family pic on the paddyfield to be printed and framed..cantik gambar tu.

btw, ur mom looks like u walaupun dr tepi. i initially thought it was u..haha
Almiraz said…
Ida: Hehe..I pun suka gambar tu, nampak hijau sedap je mata memandang kan, oh my mom memang awet muda u...selalulah makan ulam-ulaman ek...
Iz Yahya said…
i suka gambar first tuuuu. Tapi kenapa u letak watermark kat muka u.. wuuuuuu
Almiraz said…
Iz, watermark kat muka jadi gimik sebab malu....hahahahah (bole?)