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Monrods Kitchen (Seksyen 20 Shah Alam) - nearby Suri Puteri

On the second last day of Ramadhan, we had a family iftar here. Reason being; easy, my doctor brother had to work so its nearby our house and the clinic, plus we did not want to have buffet anymore (wah banyak pulak sebabnya).

IMG_0560 Monrods Seksyen 20 Shah Alam

According to the staff, this is a new franchise, the one in Section 13 is the real owner.

There was only 2 families at at the restaurant so we had our food just in time (sesuai dengan tagline diorang 'Kelainan Jadi Sebutan', ini memang satu kelainan di mana hanya ada 2 keluarga je yang makan kat tempat ni)...hehehehe

IMG_0571 Nasi Ayam di Istana RM14.60 – rasa dia bebiasa jer

IMG_0559 Chicken Chop (black pepper) RM12.90 – pun rasa cam bebiasa

IMG_0572 Seafood Combo RM9.90 – err..sikit sangat

IMG_0570 Tutty Fruity Blended RM6.90 – ni memang best!

IMG_0573 Chicken Chop (mushroom sauce) RM12.90 – ni pun bebiasa jer

IMG_0569 Monrods Ice Blended RM7.90 – haaa ni paling best…highly recommended

IMG_0563 Ni pun paling best!!!

It was cheap, but not as tasty as if you had a dinner in say, Chillies or whatever. All in all, it was a fun iftar out.


Mohammad Alias said…
I pun rasa makanan dier biasa aje...i suka lagi noodle shop kat kelantan...:)
Izzy said…
Kuantan pun ada Monrods, tapi i belum try lagi.. hehe
Almiraz said…
Izzy: Tapi Iz, food dia biasa jer takde la special sgt...try ler sesajer...