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Yuna @Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP)

My second nite out with hubby after bersalinkan Amar (first was buka puasa di Serai, Empire Shopping Gallery).

IMG_0586 Yuna @DFP tickets

The hurdle when going for a night out is Amir crying and begging us not to go out or he would suggest to bring him along. True enough, we had to make up stories about how Yuna cannot meet us at home so we had to go out and meet her instead together with all other audiences at the DFP.<----- (bermacam cadangan dia bagi, suh call Yuna, siap suh bagi address, jumpa lain kali..waduhh).

Anyway, after the drama we rushed to KLCC and we were late. We missed the first song Someone Out Of Town. (Ergh, terpaksa enjoy kat luar je. Seems that a lot of people were late too <------ ok, ayat ni tak justify apa2.

After the song, we rushed in. Our seat is middle seat, but because we were late, we had to sit and the end but still it was near to the stage, memang clear. Yuna was wearing a royal blue dress with a bling bling belt and a turban, with high heels. She looks so lanky and pretty!!! She said she wore the dress because the tickets sold out (macam, dia terpaksa pakai ke?). Tapi cantik apa....

So, in total, Yuna sang 16 songs for an hour and half. They were (in order):

Someone Out Of Town <----- which we had to enjoy outside
Rocket <---- story about her guitar
Gadis Semasa <----- she said this is the song how people expects her to be the 'it' girl....
Decorate <----- her shortest but best song ever!
Raya Oh Yeah <----- her own Raya song, memang best!!!
Gelora Jiwa <----- a song she sings as a tribute to P.Ramlee
Dan Sebenarnya <----- need I say more?
Come As You Are <----- her rendition of Nirvana's hit, which was mentioned by Perez Hilton in his blog
Random Awesome <---- my all time favourite..
Cinta Sempurna <----- she said this is her most successful Malay song
Fears and Fustrations <----- new, in US EP
Penakut <--- I love this song!!
Coffee <----- produced with AG Coco, one of her best friends
Memo <----- this song is the official song for Yuna Inspired Project
Super Something <--- this song was written especially for a 'female hygiene product' (read: Libresse)
Let Love Come Through <----- new, in US EP

Overall, it was a really great performance!!! Cam tak puas. She kept on kidding saying "this is my last song" and when the last song came, the audiences were like 'awwww we want more'...but the cheering were not that upbeat (coz we understand that you were not feeling well Yuna, nevertheless it was exceptionally an amazing show!!!)

I was among the early birds who queued for her signature and hopefully a picture with her but was quite disappointed that we can only get her signature and not pictures (pictures can only be taken after the signing session). Masa dia tgh sign tu borak-borak cakap pasal the first time I met her kat Threadszoo Bazaar at Rasta TTDI, masa tu dia baru je menang AJL (click here to read about it). Then she said "ohh, thats like 2 years ago.." <----(yeah, I nak jumpa you selalu...kikiki)

IMG_0583Yuna from side (me still in the line)

IMG_0587 Me trying to capture Yuna’s picture

IMG_0596 Yuna captured; front view

IMG_0590 People still queing up for Yuna’s signature

So, since we all nak balik dah, tak sanggup tunggu lama lagi (nak tengok kiddos), we just hung around like 15 minutes. Hubby took picture with AG Coco (Yuna's bestfriend who also performed) while I took a picture with Wawa (Yuna's manager) (so sad there's no picture with Yuna herself).

IMG_0582 Hubs and AG Coco

AG Coco said, the show on 13th will feature all the same 16 songs but diorang suma saja-saja will be wearing baju Melayu..(arrrr...rasa nak gi lagi..heheheh)

IMG_0594 Yay! Dapat signatures…

Secara kesimpulannya, Yuna’s show memang best!!! Walaupun dia tak sihat malam tu…


Mohammad Alias said…
Memang seronok performance yuna...kalau ade lagi nak gi tengok...:)
Coffee Mama said…
Entri u ni buat I rasa nak beli album Yuna and nak dengar lagu Random Awesome tu!
Almiraz said…
Coffeemama: beli lerr...baru RM29.90 album dia...tak rugi sebab lagu2 dia best!!!!...

Lagu lain (bukan dalam album) yang sedap u leh Gugle Sparkle, Coffee, Memo, Someone Out of Town, Deeper Conversation...
Iz Yahya said…
kurus je lengan youna. Sekurus lengan i je. Mungkinkah dia sekeding i?
Almiraz said…
Iz: Iyer...sekeding you tapi dia ada isi lebih sikit...heheheh...

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