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BNM Museum and Art Gallery

Now open for public, the BNM's new museum is a breath taking museum with a tinge of modern classy architecture. Located in Sasana Kijang, there are 6 galleries to visit. I had the opportunity to visit the Numismatics Gallery (Numismatic is money) and the Art Gallery. The Islamic Finance Gallery is not opened yet (as at today).

Sasana Kijang is located adjacent to Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman. It is a very new building. 'Sasana' is a Sanskrit word meaning site, building or base, while 'Kijang' has always been the bank's logo. The building design is inspired by nature, shaped like a cowrie shell (siput gerus). The architect; Hijjas Kasturi Associates were inspired by nautilus (binatang bercengkerang yang ada shell bentuk spiral) plus other elements such as water, stone and glass.

Picture 016 Tangga nautillus

I am not sure whether the inspiration is the same with the staircase in Vatican City Museum. Here is a picture of me (mosaic) masa dolu-dolu kat Vatican City………..*tetiba interframe pulak.


Picture 058 This is Siput Gerus (Cowrie Shell)

Anyway, we started our tour with the Art Gallery. They are having In Context 2007-11 Acquisitions where they showcase all their collections since year 2007 until now. The exhibition started on 14 September 2011 and will run until 14 January 2012.


Here are some that caught my eyes:

IMG_0746 This artwork is named Peaceful Terrace done by Khin Win Kyi from Myanmar completed in year 2008.

IMG_0747 Magnified

IMG_0751 Yang ni alamak lupa nak take note sebab in awe...tengok lelama makin jauh  rupanya muka budak....

IMG_0753 Yang ni seni khat diperbuat dari besi...

A view from inside the building...the lifts reminds me of Securities Commission office. Looks the same.

IMG_0756 View from up 

Next is the Numismatics Gallery. It's where the money and coins from collected and purchased by the bank since the civilisation of human kind.<---betul ke ayat nih...belasah je lah...

 Picture 069

IMG_0760 Can you believe that these were used at money last time, bapak berat nak bawak tuu...

Picture 025 or these…berat hokehh…

Picture 036 Duit masa dolu-dolu

Picture 040 Remember this?..The tour guide said it’s making a comeback soon…

Picture 045 Oh I love this specimen paper money rack. Of all the faces on the specimen money, His Majesty Sultan of Brunei is the most handsome of all, and the prettiest is Queen E. Do you know Queen E is featured in 33 issuing authorities? Info from here.

IMG_0770 Got this as a souvenir from a Brunei-an (Thanks Dayang!)…after we gossip-ed at the money rack above

Next we visited the Knowledge Management Centre (still inside Sasana Kijang). I would say its the best library so far. The interior is soooo new and modern while the ambiance is calm. The interior is awesome.

Here are some unique interior that caught my eyes:

Picture 075

There is also mini theatre shaped like a half opened egg. We took a picture here….weeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~

Oleen A

The tour guide said they are trying to move away from the conventional library where you cannot make noise. Here, they encourage discussion and group study so you are free to conduct your group study or mini tutoring or whatever. There is also 'Bilik Inspirasi' can do anything here, its sound proof..nak karaoke pun boleh...

The chairs are movable so if you suddenly feel you don't want to socialise or merajuk ke apa ke, you can just move the chairs around, or face the forest for inspiration...

Picture 092 Kerusi yang boleh diseret ke mana-mana

Do come here to study or get resources. Its open to public with no fee imposed and you can use the facilities freely. I would totally recommend. By the way, I don't work here.

Contact details:
Sasana Kijang, 2 Jalan Dato' Onn
50480 KL
Tel: +603 9179 2580
Fax: +603 9179 2159

Opening hours:
KMC is opened from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm (Monday to Friday)

Research Room (Level G, 1 and 2)
Archives Research Room (Level G)
Self-check kiosks (Level G, 1, 2, 3)
Book drop (Level G)


Iz Yahya said…
bestnya bilik inspirasi!!
Almiraz said…
Iz: Nak karok le tewww!!
abbeysama said…
makan kt cafe dia terbaekk...:P
Almiraz said…
abbeysama: yeke?...I tak pernah makan situ coz we had our lunch in the Islamic Museum Cafe...will definitely go next time...