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Bubba Gump Gum Gum

This is an old story but I still wanna post it (boleh?).....Hehehehe....

I took a day leave sometime last few months just to go out with my hubby and kiddos to The Curve. Yeah, coz tempat ni selalu pack ramai orang, bila gi weekday, aman jer..(tapi takde flea market, chettt!)..anyway, just to share with you some pictures of us dining in Bubba Gump Shrimp Co....sesajer...

DSC_0065 No assistance required

DSC_0066 To ask for assistance

DSC_0063 While waiting for our foody, Amir got creative

DSC_0069 Amir ordered this: Lemon-Ups RM9.90 (without glass) (glass only RM18.90)


Our drinks


DSC_0072 Shrimppin' Dippin' Broth RM35.90 - yg ni yumehh

DSC_0073 A medley of seafood deep fried…can’t remember how much but it was expensive!!

Overall, I think that this is an expensive restaurant with just small portions and just seafood...would not come again unless ada orang belanja...