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Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia

I was given the opportunity to visit the museum which I never knew existed!. I was so ashamed of myself, to have never explored interesting places within reach and yet thinking of going somewhere far for an eye-opener (read: Japan, again).

IMG_0717 Muzium Kesenian Islam Malaysia

Before citer pasal museum, lets see the museum restaurant where me and two other delegates had lunch while contemplating whether to go or not to go into the museum...(sambil makan, sambil pikir nak masuk ke taknak). After a few burps, we decided to enter the museum coz it would be such a waste if we did not go since we are already there. Plus the entrance fee is only RM10. By the way, the museum restaurant is a really calm and a nice place with a really, really nice deco.

IMG_0726 Restaurant entrance

IMG_0721 Intricate wall design

IMG_0725 More inside

IMG_0724 Hang out area

IMG_0722 What I had: Briyani Palestine with lamb Bamia, roasted beef and tomato chicken

IMG_0723 Dessert: Kashkol (Almond Pudding) and a few slices of fruits

IMG_0727 Museum entrance ticket and Guide

The museum has 12 permanent galleries, the first being Architecture Gallery where models of masjid all over the world are showcased amused with all of them. Some pictures I took while in the gallery were:

IMG_0728 This is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, UAE. The maximum capacity is 41,000 people and was opened for public in 2007.

IMG_0730 This is Taj Mahal, India. As we all know, Taj Mahal was built in memory of Mumtaz Mahal. The masjid features Indian and Persian architecture. The construction took 20,000 workers and 22 years to complete. It costed more than 32 million rupees and completed in 1648 AD.

IMG_0732 This is Selimiya Mosque, Turkey. Regarded as the symbol of glory of Islam during the Ottaman Empire.

IMG_0734 This is Bibi Khanum Mosque, Uzbekistan. The interior halls contain 480 stone columns and domes!

IMG_0736 This is Masjidil Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. This Holy mosque is where the Holy Ka'aba is. It can accommodate more than 1 million worshipers at one time. This is where the black stone is (Hajar-ul Aswad).

IMG_0738 This is Wadi Hussain's Mosque in Pattani, Thailand. This masjid caught my attention coz it is made of wood. It is one of the oldest masjid in Thailand.

The Museum Shop has a wide range of souvenirs from key chains to mugs and pashminas. No cameras were allowed hence only these two pictures.....hehehe....

IMG_0718 Museum Shop sign

IMG_0766 What I bought: Kufi tiled magnet, a notebook and keychains

In case you are wondering what the logo is all about, it is called Kufi, an Islamic calligraphy written in squares.

Would definitely recommend you to go and learn more about Islamic arts and history here. For further details of this museum, you can visit or call 03-2274 2020. 


Anonymous said…
Waaahhh... very imprresive entry Ol, i like! Aunty Lin pun nvr visited this museum b4...
Almiraz said…
Kan? ..tu ah...byk lagi benda dlm museum ni yg menarik tapi kena gi sendiri baru ada penghayatan...chewah...
cik tulip said…
assalamualaikum :)

dalam muzium ni mmg leh amik gambar ke? teringin nk pegi. hehe

salam perkenalan ^^
Almiraz said…
Cik Tulip:Dalam museum boleh amik gambar cuma kt souvenir shop dia tak boleh....Pegilah museum ni, cantik...I like it a lot!