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Kuih Keria Hj Jalil Limbongan

This is my first time having this big keria. Never heard or eaten them before. Hubby is a fan of kuih keria. Oh btw, for those who don't know what is kuih keria, its a local kuih made of sweet potatoes and sugar. My doctor brother and his fiance’ went to buy them and sempat pulak dia snap sign board kedai.


DSC_0169 Kuih Keria Hj Jalil Limbongan

Normally, people use white sugar but I think because this particular one is from Melaka, they use gula Melaka as an ingredient and coating of the kuih. That's why its a bit unique. Rasa kuih keria ni sangat sedap especially bila makan pepanas. Will definitely eat again when in Melaka.