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Umai-Ya Japanese Restaurant KLCC

Last week I went to meet my sister friend (she's more like a little sister to me). It has been ages since we met. She migrated to Canberra and currently lives with her mom there. She's back for holidays (but not so long) so I decided to meet her and catch up.

Susah nak catch up ok, coz dah lost contact lama giller (masa tu she was just like 4? during Commonwealth Games) And masa tu I masih muda remaja lagi...dan I suka melayan kids…kekekeke...

So, both of us were quiet at first, and then when she said she loves Japanese food and all things Japan, barulah gear bergerak dengan pantas sekali.

There were not many choices of Japanese food in KLCC. At first we went to the food court to scout for anything Japanese and nice but, there were too many people so we changed our plan and have lunch in Umai-Ya instead.

IMG_0711 Umai-Ya menu book

The restaurant ambiance is calm and not crowded at all so we had our lunch peacefully while chit chatting and listening to random Japanese tunes...

See what we had:

IMG_0712 Healthy Gozen RM25.90

IMG_0713 Ika Teppanyaki RM22.90 with Gohan RM2.50

Time was the real enemy coz I had to rush back to office. We should see each other more kan dik?