Flashback: Working in Old Trafford Stadium

Dah takde idea nak blog, so meh kita layan flashback jap....

I used to work in Old Trafford Stadium, yes, the Manchester United stadium, but as a kiosk attendant jer. But hey, it was one of the best experience I have ever had. On matchdays, I will be at the kiosk (tapi tak pernah kat box) selling food and drinks. When there's no football match I will be working at the halls in the stadium or at City stadium (asal boleh je, nak duit la katakan..). But if there's a Derby match (Manchester United vs Manchester City), I will choose stadium yang bayar lebih and normally City stadium pays more..(kemut jugak United ni)...

OldTrafford-Inside Gambar kureng sebab pakai Nokia apa ntah tak ingat

Anyway, working at the halls in the stadium, as part of MU catering staff meant more money coz they pay like 4.50 pounds per hour and I normally worked 10-11 hours (bagai nak mati ok, sebab penat). The work is sometimes bad (like setting up the tables, logistics) but sometimes not tiring like overseeing the food and drinks for exhibitors...paling best sekali kalau ada job exhibition, macam career fair...I pun sibuk-sibuk kat situ (dengan uniform) tapi, kena cover-cover jugakla takut supervisor nampak, coz we were supposed to be working, not joining the crowd.

Sometimes people organise prom nite so I had to serve food (macam waiter/waitress kat Perdana Felda tu) bila bunyi lagu, gerak serentak beramai-ramai....err..gerak ke arah meja yang dijaga la...paling best, mat saleh ni suka kasi tips. Satu meja ada 10 orang, so kalau sorang kasi 1pound, mak dapat 10 pounds... woohoo!!...err..10 pounds tu banyak bukan macam RM10 kat sini yer...

000048 Ntah dengan sapa..serious tak ingat

There's one that I must remember, a dinner for MU staffs (not the players though), I bumped into Sir Alex Ferguson. He asked me where's the loo. I almost wanted to ask for his autograph but obviously that would be rude coz he wanted to pee. Not a good timing, plus takut supervisor nampak pulak.

I also once worked in Red Cafe and that was one of the best experiences too. [Memang takde gambar, so sad…:(]

Even though I am not a fan of United, tiba-tiba jadi peminat (tapi sekarang tak ok) sebab bangga ngan tempat kerja sendiri (poyo). I followed football development too. Bila pergi stadium lain pulak rasa tak best macam Old Trafford. Now, I don't follow football anymore like I used to. But, the memories of working there will always be in my mind.

Birthday Dinner in Meatworks Citta Mall

It was a carnivore’s day out on a lazy Sunday. We hunted and craved for steak, beef ribs, t-bone and fillet, even the kids were hungry for meat…So, since we are celebrating the birthday of the youngest and most powerful person in the family, the lioness suggested that we should hunt for meat to celebrate. Not just for the little one, but the birthday was for the grandma lioness, aunty lioness and the lion himself, the father of the young one.

The restaurant, owned by the husband of one of our women ministers was opened in Citta Mall since August this year. Since Citta Mall is new, we decided to have Amar’s birthday dinner there with the anticipation that there will not be many people. Lets look at the restaurant first.

IMG_0923 Meatworks Citta Mall

IMG_0925 Inside Meatworks (Nice huh?)

DSC_0058 Further in

IMG_0924 It has a mini supermarket!!

IMG_0935 Abang

IMG_0932 Menu book cover

IMG_0926 Rib eye – as seen inside the menu book – Would you expect any different from actual food?

These are some of the drinks we ordered:

combine (Left to right) – Strawberry and Chocolate milkshake RM12.80 each, starfruit and watermelon juice RM9.80

The food that we ordered:

DSC_0033 Fondant Potatoes RM12 - Sauteed and served with corned beef silverside – I love this!!

DSC_0025 Onion Rings RM12 - Battered and deep fried

IMG_0930Mushroom Soup RM15 – sedappp!!

DSC_0040 Tuwin ordered this - Mushroom Melt RM32

DSC_0039 Abang ordered this: Meatworks Junior Steak RM18 – As described in the menu book: 100g sirloin steak grilled to perfection and served with creamed mash potato, buttered organic carrots and BBQ sauce, but, where are the carrots?

The meat picture below is how rib eye, sirloin, fillet looks like……eh…

DSC_0048 Rib Eye RM58 for 200g, Sirloin RM50 for 250g, Beef Fillet RM59 for 220g, T-Bone RM45 for 400g, Bone In Fillet RM69 for 350g prime rib

Jap, cer scroll atas balik gambar rib eye tadi….mana broccoli?, mana fries?……eh, ini sudah tak betul ni….and so I called the waitress, she was very nice and polite. She described to me that the picture is just for illustration purpose only…..’oohh ye ke’’…I just smiled…(Dalam hati: abis tu, why do you put the picture in the menu book if you serve another thing to customer, isn’t that called deceiving?)…macam you letak emas dan permata dalam menu book, sekali dapat perak jer……oh well, since we do not want to make a scene, we just accepted all our steaks…..which all of them looked exactly the same…

DSC_0050 Another steak, but this is well done

DSC_0049 Roast Chicken (quarter chicken) RM20  - As described in menu book: A spit-roasted chicken served with organic vegetables from Cameron Highlands ideal for 2 to share……betul ke ‘organic’ and from Cameron?…(I’m beginning to doubt)


So, korang bolehlah pertimbangkan whether nak makan di Meatworks ni atau tak, service memang tip top but the food, I can just give 3 out of 5 with the exorbitant price (at least to me lah…just my opinion). Seriously, I have tasted better steaks. But, don’t fret, the ambiance and your friends’ company may overcome this minor dissatisfaction.

For reservations, contact:

Meatworks Restaurant & Deli
Lot 26-27 Ground Floor
Citta Mall @ Ara Damansara
Jalan PJU 1A/48 PJU 1A
03- 78320871

Butik Mum Dreams

Akhirnya dapat jugak pegi Butik Mum Dreams. We went to the one in Shah Alam (pasal dekat ngan rumah)….Ada banyak baby products here, plus maternity and nursing wear. Takyah gi jejauh or sesapa yang biasa beli online tu boleh je berkunjung ke sini…

My baby pun dah besar, so we all just jenjalan sesaje…takde nak beli apa2 pun…You will be spoilt with choices sebab ada banyak range of products here….Meh kita tengok dalam kedai ada apa…

IMG_0893 Kids’ and baby stuffs

IMG_0892 Lets go further in

IMG_0889 Nursing needs

IMG_0891 Maternity and nursing clothes…baju kurung nursing pun ada

Jalan punya jalan lepas tu tetiba kitorang berkenan kat luggage bag Cars..eh eh…ni investment ni, kalau Amir dah besar takleh pakai, Amar boleh je guna…kena jaga bebaik….hehehheheh…(ada orang tu senyum je on the way balik rumah)…Nak guna gi Johor katanya….

McQCars Luggage Bag


Wordless Wednesday v.seven: 1 Red Velvet



Library Shah Alam

I got to know about this library when I visited Sasana Kijang (read about it here). There was a question from a delegate on who copycat who i.e. Shah Alam library copy Sasana or vice versa. The architect who was involved in the building of Sasana resigned from Hijjaz Kasturi and you know the answer. Even though the construction of Sasana was completed first, they did not get the CF on time so Shah Alam library was opened first to the public.

This new library, Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor was opened to public on 22 July 2011. It has 6 floors but my current concern is more to the children's floor so that my kids can spend time here.

We went to the library on a Saturday so it was a bit chaotic with kids everywhere. If you bring kids, you are only allowed to the Ground floor. So, I didn't have the opportunity to see other floors, only the kids area. Even the kids area are equipped with Mac computers. Can you get more awesome than that?..

See some of my kiddos pics:

DSC_0006 Abang dah posing tapi adik taknak dok diam

DSC_0008 Trying to catch the coral on the ground

DSC_0013 Hmm..buku ni cam best jer…

DSC_0015 Jom baca buku…


Oh! Pokcik Garrets Popcorn KLCC

Semalam panjang kaki lagi….kali ni ke KLCC semata-mata nak gi visit Pokcik Garret yang dah lamaaa mengidam (mengidam kerr?)…Anyway, I first knew about this popcorn thru Ida’s blog….hmmmm….as I have a mild sweet tooth syndrome, I suddenly had the urge to try it even though I know at that time, sesungguhnya Pokcik Garret belum mencecahkan kaki lagi ke bumi ‘boleh’ ini…

Garrets Gambar dulu sebelum Pakcik Garret datang (masa belum bukak)

The first time I tasted them popcorns was from E. She was so nice. She ‘distributed’ to us, the Garrets fans (self proclaimed ya)…..I also got the tin….hehehe.

Finally the day came, it opened last Friday (11/11/11) and according to sources, the line was soooo long. That’s why I waited until this week to go and have some. When I reached Garrets shop (it’s actually the old Toy ‘r’ Us), the line was like short, so me being so excited, began snapping pictures of the popcorns - but didn’t take the picture of shop :(

IMG_0910 Selections – Chicago Mix, Buttery or Plain, CheeseCorn, Caramel Crisp

IMG_0912 Selection of tins – Pink, Blue, Signature Celebrate, Chicago (pictures a bit blur, yeah I got distracted a bit)

Unfortunately at the moment, the cheese is unavailable, until next week that is. So, sapa-sapa yang minat cheese, serbu next week eh?…The cheese pun sedap jugak, tastes like Cheezels…hehehehe…but my favourite is Caramel Crisp (pictured below)

IMG_0911 Caramel Crisp

There are also Macadamia Caramel, Almond Caramel, Cashew Caramel. Price pulak, agak mahalla if compare with the ones in Singapore (E cakap). Depending on your choice of popcorns, the price ranges are as follow:

Small bag ranges from RM9 to RM19;
Medium: RM13 to RM36;
Large – RM19 to RM46; and
One tin ranges from RM89 to RM129

So I got mine…lepas ni misi apa pulak ye…

IMG_0909 Large Caramel Crisp

MOFEW 2011


It's Malaysia's first Charity Online Fashion Entrepreneurs' Weekend.

It was held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (Hall 1 and 2), from 11-13 November 2011. Since Mid Valley is so near to my office, zasssss cepat jer kaki jadik panjang ke sana, together with my mates Ira and E. Dulu bila ada Lina, laju je pegi sana for Mother and Baby exhibition. Now, dah takyah nak beli barang baby so focusnya ialah membeli barang untuk diri sendiri....hehehe

IMG_0883 MOFEW goodie bag (for purchases above RM50 at any booth)

Of course ye, I nak tengok barang-barang Cala Qisya sebab haritu order semua dah out of stock. One of the girls from Cala Qisya (Yana) put the Maple skirt picture on Instagram (ig) and since then I have been bugging her on ig to get one of those cute Maple skirts. Yang bagusnya, she was so friendly and the best part is, she kept the skirt for me. I mean, for me? So, bila I sampai, terus tanya pasal skirt bertuah tu. It turned out to be a purple skirt and I didn't like it as much as I like the other skirt. I mean, I like the pattern but I can match only limited tops with that colour (plus I already have purple skirt and a purple dress, so, you know, cukuplah purple). So, yeah. In the end, I bought a different one instead.

Finally before we left I took the Farahs' picture. I really salute them for having a successful online shop. I hope to have an online shop too (are you reading this Ida, E and Ira)?......heheheh...

IMG_0875 The Farahs

Oh, and I found another online shop via nurazreena's twitter. It's called Azorias. The tops are awesome!!! They were there too and I just didn't want to miss the opportunity to see their collection and meet Hui Wen (the Creative Director) in person. Also, Azorias were giving away goodie bags for first 100 customers. I was one of them. Dapat ni:

IMG_0885 Apa dalam sampul?

IMG_0884 Dua-dua dah bagi kat orang yang lebih memerlukan…hehehe

Luckily there were not many booths, or I would be stuck there til 3 pm and then get fired...hahahaaha....Overall, I am glad that I went out for jalan-jalan during lunch…muahhahheheeh..

Makan @Wondermilk Cafe Citta Mall

Actually we wanted to celebrate Amar's birthday.....but budak nih mana reti apa pun, orang tua je yang melebih *ibunya la yang lebih-lebih nak makan kat Wondermilk sebab nak masuk blog.

IMG_0806 Amar darling is one!

Anyway, I don't need an intro for Wondermilk coz I wrote about it before during the Wondermilk Cupcakes Show at Citta Mall, or you can visit their website here.

See what we had:

IMG_0809 Honey Mustard Chicken RM12.90 (honey glazed grilled chicken, melted cheddar and honey mustard dressing on multigrain)

IMG_0807 Cheese N' Steak Roll RM14.90 (thinly sliced sauteed beef, mushroom, onion, melted cheese and gravy)

For dessert, we had:

IMG_0811 Smores RM6.90 (2 sets of cream cracker sandwich, gooey marshmellow drizzled with chocolate sauce) Eat at your own risk eh?

IMG_0812 Can’t remember their names…but I didn’t have the opportunity to taste one…

For thirst quenchers we had Passionfruit Ice Soda RM8.00, a Lime Ice Soda (same price) and an Ice chocolate RM9.00....all in all, Amir's picture below says it all......

IMG_0808 Yummehh!!

Wondermilk is located at:

Lot G-48 Citta Mall, Jalan PJU 1A/48, Ara Damansara,47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-78317296

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