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Birthday Dinner in Meatworks Citta Mall

It was a carnivore’s day out on a lazy Sunday. We hunted and craved for steak, beef ribs, t-bone and fillet, even the kids were hungry for meat…So, since we are celebrating the birthday of the youngest and most powerful person in the family, the lioness suggested that we should hunt for meat to celebrate. Not just for the little one, but the birthday was for the grandma lioness, aunty lioness and the lion himself, the father of the young one.

The restaurant, owned by the husband of one of our women ministers was opened in Citta Mall since August this year. Since Citta Mall is new, we decided to have Amar’s birthday dinner there with the anticipation that there will not be many people. Lets look at the restaurant first.

IMG_0923 Meatworks Citta Mall

IMG_0925 Inside Meatworks (Nice huh?)

DSC_0058 Further in

IMG_0924 It has a mini supermarket!!

IMG_0935 Abang

IMG_0932 Menu book cover

IMG_0926 Rib eye – as seen inside the menu book – Would you expect any different from actual food?

These are some of the drinks we ordered:

combine (Left to right) – Strawberry and Chocolate milkshake RM12.80 each, starfruit and watermelon juice RM9.80

The food that we ordered:

DSC_0033 Fondant Potatoes RM12 - Sauteed and served with corned beef silverside – I love this!!

DSC_0025 Onion Rings RM12 - Battered and deep fried

IMG_0930Mushroom Soup RM15 – sedappp!!

DSC_0040 Tuwin ordered this - Mushroom Melt RM32

DSC_0039 Abang ordered this: Meatworks Junior Steak RM18 – As described in the menu book: 100g sirloin steak grilled to perfection and served with creamed mash potato, buttered organic carrots and BBQ sauce, but, where are the carrots?

The meat picture below is how rib eye, sirloin, fillet looks like……eh…

DSC_0048 Rib Eye RM58 for 200g, Sirloin RM50 for 250g, Beef Fillet RM59 for 220g, T-Bone RM45 for 400g, Bone In Fillet RM69 for 350g prime rib

Jap, cer scroll atas balik gambar rib eye tadi….mana broccoli?, mana fries?……eh, ini sudah tak betul ni….and so I called the waitress, she was very nice and polite. She described to me that the picture is just for illustration purpose only…..’oohh ye ke’’…I just smiled…(Dalam hati: abis tu, why do you put the picture in the menu book if you serve another thing to customer, isn’t that called deceiving?)…macam you letak emas dan permata dalam menu book, sekali dapat perak jer……oh well, since we do not want to make a scene, we just accepted all our steaks…..which all of them looked exactly the same…

DSC_0050 Another steak, but this is well done

DSC_0049 Roast Chicken (quarter chicken) RM20  - As described in menu book: A spit-roasted chicken served with organic vegetables from Cameron Highlands ideal for 2 to share……betul ke ‘organic’ and from Cameron?…(I’m beginning to doubt)


So, korang bolehlah pertimbangkan whether nak makan di Meatworks ni atau tak, service memang tip top but the food, I can just give 3 out of 5 with the exorbitant price (at least to me lah…just my opinion). Seriously, I have tasted better steaks. But, don’t fret, the ambiance and your friends’ company may overcome this minor dissatisfaction.

For reservations, contact:

Meatworks Restaurant & Deli
Lot 26-27 Ground Floor
Citta Mall @ Ara Damansara
Jalan PJU 1A/48 PJU 1A
03- 78320871


huda said…
thanks for sharing your opinion sis. i ada nampak living social advertise Meatworks discount voucher at 50%. so tengah pikir nak beli or tak. then, i saw your review while google'ing' info about this place. so helpful the info. Tq ya
Almiraz said…
Huda: It's just my opinion....orang lain maybe suka but I lebih suka Las Vacas....heheheh Let me know whether you finally go or and did you enjoy it...