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MOFEW 2011


It's Malaysia's first Charity Online Fashion Entrepreneurs' Weekend.

It was held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (Hall 1 and 2), from 11-13 November 2011. Since Mid Valley is so near to my office, zasssss cepat jer kaki jadik panjang ke sana, together with my mates Ira and E. Dulu bila ada Lina, laju je pegi sana for Mother and Baby exhibition. Now, dah takyah nak beli barang baby so focusnya ialah membeli barang untuk diri sendiri....hehehe

IMG_0883 MOFEW goodie bag (for purchases above RM50 at any booth)

Of course ye, I nak tengok barang-barang Cala Qisya sebab haritu order semua dah out of stock. One of the girls from Cala Qisya (Yana) put the Maple skirt picture on Instagram (ig) and since then I have been bugging her on ig to get one of those cute Maple skirts. Yang bagusnya, she was so friendly and the best part is, she kept the skirt for me. I mean, for me? So, bila I sampai, terus tanya pasal skirt bertuah tu. It turned out to be a purple skirt and I didn't like it as much as I like the other skirt. I mean, I like the pattern but I can match only limited tops with that colour (plus I already have purple skirt and a purple dress, so, you know, cukuplah purple). So, yeah. In the end, I bought a different one instead.

Finally before we left I took the Farahs' picture. I really salute them for having a successful online shop. I hope to have an online shop too (are you reading this Ida, E and Ira)?......heheheh...

IMG_0875 The Farahs

Oh, and I found another online shop via nurazreena's twitter. It's called Azorias. The tops are awesome!!! They were there too and I just didn't want to miss the opportunity to see their collection and meet Hui Wen (the Creative Director) in person. Also, Azorias were giving away goodie bags for first 100 customers. I was one of them. Dapat ni:

IMG_0885 Apa dalam sampul?

IMG_0884 Dua-dua dah bagi kat orang yang lebih memerlukan…hehehe

Luckily there were not many booths, or I would be stuck there til 3 pm and then get fired...hahahaaha....Overall, I am glad that I went out for jalan-jalan during lunch…muahhahheheeh..


Coffee Mama said…
So true!! Tepat kul 12 je melaju terus ke midvall..then shopping sampai tak sedar diri!Hehehe...Best2