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Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)

Finally an 'outlet' to release the inner desire of I-want-to-buy-but-its-very-expensive feeling. Malaysia's first outlet, Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) is to me ala-ala Cheshire Oaks in UK. It has just opened to public on 1 December 2011.

We came from JB so bukak Googlemap and carik Kulaijaya. Ikut punya ikut rupanya map kasi jalan dalam. Should have just gone and followed my dad coz diorang guna highway and sampai dulu. For further instructions on how to get there, you can see here.

When we arrived (at about 11 am), cars were starting to queue at the entrance and people just starting to swarm the shops.

IMG_1077 People swarming JPO

IMG_1078 Store guide

Ok, maybe, maybe the timing we went there was not good; with school holidays and what not in December. There was a sea of people, mostly Singaporeans....most of the time, I 'berlaga bontot' dengan orang bila dalam kedai. The queue to enter Coach and Burberry were jampacked with people, which I wasn't too hyped with (sebab even dah marked down pun tak mampu nak beli).

IMG_1080 The queue for Coach

So I was more into Charles and Keith Reductions and GAP. Oh wow! GAP memang sangat best, it was like; I can afford to buy them coz satu baju yg harga RM60-RM80 jadi RM30.....wah apa lagi, mak grab je apa yg lawa.!! Masa tu I saw a cute orange rain jacket which I thougt perfect for Amar, terus ambik sebab dah tinggal 2 helai. Lepas I ambik tu, ada 2 dads tengah berebut jacket yang tinggal...nasib. Ini gambar Amar modelkan jaket yang dibeli.

IMG_1110 GAP baby raincoat

We did not have lunch there coz there were too many people. Padahal sebenarnya it would be very convenient  makan kat situ before we headed back to KL. Sungguh ramai orang tak bleh blah. Terlalu ramai sampai kan I takut nak masuk toilet sebab mesti horror kalau dah reramai orang camni. But, the toilets are clean (sebab baru kan...or maybe sebab pagi lagi...could be worse in the evening...hahahah). Ni gambar kat cafe dia...not bad...

DSC_0016 JPO cafe

Somehow, kita memang suka warehouse sale/outlets ni suma kan?...masa kat UK dulu mat saleh ni tak heran la dengan sale kat outlet ni (maybe I pegi time tak sale kot) kita orang Melayu ni syok je shopping takde orang...

Anyway, overall, should you nak feeling shopping kat JPO, please do come during the non-peak season for full shopping satisfaction. One day I would go again and have a calm stroll looking at items on sale (yeah right)....


Mohammad Alias said…
I pun nak pergi lagi...hope there are more men stuffs...sikit sangat!!!
Almiraz said…
Alias: kan.....yeah we should go again next year masa hari biasa...hehehe

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