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Site visit

I have worked a job that is so stressful, I didn't see my first son for 1 week, and mind you, it was not an outstation job. I just got to see him whenever he sleeps. Every single day of that week I came back home at 4 or 4.30 am and then to office at 9 the next day. I was so stressed and I thought 'that was it, I have to resign.

However, sometimes, there is a bit of 'fun' in this industry of working in client's office. Not so much of fun, but I basically know the 'truth' or have the experience being in client's office so long that it enables me to assess whether I am fit or not in the organisation.When I say fit, I mean whether I like it or love it, whether the environment and people there are nice or I thought 'could this be my next employer?', 'office ni ada bilik menyusu ke tak?', 'surau dia best ke tak?' and a whole load of questions. However, most of the time, memang taklah kan...mesti ada je yang tak kena dengan company tu. Dari bos yang berkira, sampailah ke tandas yang euwwww. Have you ever wish that when you come for an interview, the employer allows you to tour the office and let you see whether you like their office or not?....This is exactly what I mean. Kita apply kerja but totally not knowing what's in store for us. Kita impress potential employer but very rarely employer impress kita. Yes, I know, employer tak perlu impress kita sebab kita yang nak kat dia but still, they are not the best employer anyway.

Oklah, cukup lah bebel (tetiba pissed pulak). Actually I just wanted to share some site visit pictures when I was in the 'stress' job tuh....

Estate visit….(but couldn’t find the pics, cuma ada gambar siput gonggong jer…lerrr). Awesome 1 week working with estate people (oh, masa ni tak kawin lagi so suka betul kalau dapat pegi visit sana sini). Tiap-tiap hari 1 week tu client belanja. Stayed 1 week in guest house (don't get me started on the eerie stories about the guest house). 1 week no internet. I think cukuplah 1 week no internet.

Siput_Gonggong Siput Gonggong

Company ni buat modern design office furniture. I had the opportunity to observe the production line.

P1020647 Parts of a table

Site visits were sometimes not fun and can be smelly too, like this. Wadehel is that la kan?..Rubber..busuk yang amat. Tak tahan!!! Ada hanjing sana sini, sabar je, nasib 1 week and masa tu tengah 'time of the month.’.

Rubber Pile of rubber

I’m sure I have more pictures, tapi takpe, maybe next time I bebel lagi pasal keje dulu (keje sekarang takleh..bahaya…hehehe).