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Tuwin dah kawin (part 2): Reception in Dewan Persada Johor

The reception dinner was held in Dewan Persada Johor (just across our hotel). There were cocktail drinks (of course soft drinks ek, bukanla margarita ke apa) just outside the hall. Lepak sampai ramai orang tetiba there was an announcement just outside the entrance. The announcement was made by a 'hulubalang' (messenger) sort of like in the olden days during Hang Tuah time. So coool!!...

IMG_1069  Pengumuman dari hulubalang

And so we went in and after a while, the Bride was carried by a 'tandu' (really don't know what's its called in English)...sampai ke pelamin, followed by the groom joining his bride at the dais. Really awesome!....We were entertained by professional dancers all the way and traditional Malay songs.

IMG_1075  Penari lelaki heeh..

The atmosphere and the feeling was all like in the olden days. The food was great too.

IMG_1085  A view before the dinner

Finally, when the event was done, there was a joget Melayu session (something like dance - kalu ikut style omputih). Me and Amir joined the dance crowd. It was really fun!

Congratulations my dear brother and Shaza!... Hope you have cute babies and happy life until the rest of your lives.

IMG_1083  Pengantin baru