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Typo Pavilion KL

As a self proclaimed creative junkie, I make an effort to be creative (walaupun orang tak rasa I kreatif..ahaks..), as I have planned a special project for my brothers' wedding in December, I imagined some things that I could get from Typo shop.

A bit about Typo. Typo is originally from Australia. In fact, it is in the same group with Cotton On and Rubi Shoes under Cotton On Group so basically the system is the same....(what I mean is, if you purchase more than certain RM, you can purchase selected items at a discounted price)….so what I always do is purchase stickers for Amir in Cotton On Kids….here, I recently purchased 2012 calendar for just RM15….

[Interframe jap] The picture below was taken outside a Typo shop in Melbourne last year…(I tak masuk sebab morning sickness yang sangat hebat….asyik kepenatan bila jalan)….but why oh why…oh welll….

DSC_0060 Typo in Harbour Town Shopping Centre, Melbourne

Ok, continue with my story. In fact, some parts of my imagination is becoming real when I step into Typo Pavilion. There are sooooo many cute designs of letters....really so many to choose...I thought I was having a hallucination when I just couldn't decide which one to choose...

IMG_1033 Typo Pavilion KL

There were also various cards, book ends, pens, diaries, calendars and many, many more cute and creative stuffs.

IMG_1024 Notice the wooden carved deco?…I bought that hehehe…soooo cute….

IMG_1019 Notepads, metal file box and tiny branch

IMG_1018 Banyak gile barang cutesy cutesy

IMG_1022 Book ends yang sangat comell!

IMG_1020 Mouse pad, magnets, clip and pins

IMG_1021 Various selection of cards

IMG_1023 Letters!!!…I love this section

I spent almost 1 hour there but I did not even realise it!…..nasib baik baby tido so takdelah grumpy sangat my hubby…heheheh….I bought a few stuffs but will show them later….Keep reading my blog…(macam la best kan )….

So you guys and gals, don't miss Typo. Its just in level 4, near Padini . I promise that you creative people will love it!……. I would definitely come back for more….


sarahmeay.snm said…
Typo Ada cawangan lain tak?
Almiraz said…
Hi Sarah,

Unfortunately at this moment takde kan kedai dia?
My friend said there's one in Setia City Mall. You should check that out, maybe? :)
Almiraz said…
Siti Maisarah: Yep, i dah pegi months ago...cuma waktu entry ni ditulis, Typo baru kan Typo?
cikcloudy said…
hi... yupp mmg best giler this typo.. i went to the one in setia alam mall... tp a bit pricey la kan... :)
Almiraz said…
Kat sini suma pricey walaupun sebenarnya ianya tak mahal...nak buat camno
Riz said…
a friend of mine told me that I can find an eiffel tower scissors from this store. Would love to check this store next weekend. Basing in your photos, looks like there are some more stuffs with Paris on it like the mugs! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
Almiraz said…
Riz: Eiffel Tower Scissors?...I didn't notice, but seriously there are a lot of creative stuffs here. You can also visit Sundays in Bangsar Village 2, or Muji or Material. They have a lot of cute and creative stuffs as well...
alphabeta said…
i love your blog :)
akhirnya jumpa juga kedai2 utk org2 creative, hehe.
selalunya hanya round2 daiso & kaison.
owh sis, u can try kaison di kl festival city mall n drop by giffy kat situ juga,
Almiraz said…
alphabeta: Creative la sangat kan?!...huhu btw thanks for liking my blog...picisan je pun....I pernah pegi Kaison kt OU. I got some really nice polka dot tins there. KL Festival City Mall kat mana pulak?...*googling now

Thanks for visiting and keep coming ya!