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Wedding Wish Tree: Hanging Hearts

I have done a love wish tree for my brothers' wedding! Yay!. My imagination came true. I love doing this! Would do more if I have the opportunity.

Lets start with the wish cards. Since the theme for the wedding card was hanging hearts, so I thought it would be best if the wish cards are heart shaped rather than normal card shape. I worked way before the wedding, prepared the love cards from scratch (I used a picture frame as a shaper and trace it on A1 sized papers - silver, red and cream colour) and attached them with strings. I did it with Amir. He was so excited helping me with them.

IMG_0941  Wish tree cards: Hanging hearts

For the guest book, I bought 2 black books. It was easier than DIY-ing the books, I was short of time by the way. Initially I wanted to make an accordian book but I did not have time so just dealt with 2 empty black books in which I decorated them with ribbons and chip board letters. Easy peasy.

The decoration for table was easy. I didn't want it to look too busy. I found some canvas letters from Typo, spelt W-I-S-H-E-S, a wooden heart shape wall deco, a vintage suit case which I bought from Lovely Lace and bought Christmas lights (white colour) from a DIY shop. For the table cloth, I bought 2 metres of beige/cream coloured damask/Victorian print from Jakel (bidang 110"). The flowers, I used my mom's....heheheh..

IMG_1130  Canvas letters from Typo

IMG_1045  Heart shaped wooden wall deco

IMG_1160  Vintage luggage bag from Lovely Lace and flowers from mom’s house 

The branch was the most important thing, without it, there was no wish tree or what tree. My dear hubby was the one who woke up early on a Sunday morning to chop the branch that we spotted. Er.. don't worry, it was not originally with leaves and everything. It was dying so we saved it and transformed it into something nice and useful (alasan).

IMG_1161  Tengah bersusah payah menyiapkan wish tree

So, the final set up was like this: (Gambar kecik, I know…tak sempat langsung nak amik gambar pakai DSLR, mak bizi….)

IMG_1159  Wish tree

IMG_1131 Used chalkboard for the deco as well

IMG_1132  Ramai jugak yang tulis wishes

IMG_1129  Polaroid pun ada gak

IMG_1128  Me and hubs; I could fit in my engagement dress..woooohoooo!!

IMG_1133  More family pictures on polaroid

I love it when guests drop by to write their wishes, and love the way they were pleased with it and taking pictures at the wish tree. I feel satisfied (chewah), coz they were all happy!

After the event, me and Amir pasted all their wishes in the guest book.

IMG_1179  Tampal wish cards dalam guest book

So, do you want to hire me? I can propose a different type of wish tree pulak………heheheheh...


Mohammad Alias said…
I suka wish tree u tu....kreatif dan mendapat sambutan hangat!!!!! Bole buat lagi ni.....
Almiraz said…
Alias: Weeeeee~~~~~