Lunch in Es Teler 77

I went to the one in Melbourne 2 years ago (you can read about it here) but little that I realised that Es Teler 77 is also in KL......yes, it's just nearby Central Market. There are many changes since the last time I went there (read: dah berzaman). Dah takde McD kat situ, ganti ngan Es Teler for about a year plus now (I baru tahu)…..

IMG_1263 Es Teler 77 near Central Market, KL

IMG_1262 Es Teler 77

IMG_1257 Interior Es Teler

I went there for lunch with my dear colleague…. twice now...of course we did not purposely go for lunch there..coz it's quite far from office.....we normally have our own errands and 'sambil menyelam minum air' lah kan...

The first time we went there, we ordered and shared Mie Ayam RM10.50. It was a bowl of noodle with chicken and comes with fried prawn dumplings as appetiser. For the drinks, we ordered Teh Botol. To me, it was not spicy so I know I won't be ordering that again. But the Teh Botol was the best!

IMG_1261 Mie Ayam RM10.50

IMG_1264 Teh Botol

The second time, we went there again. I wanted something spicy so I ordered this:

IMG_1483 Nasi Uduk Komplit RM9.80

It was basically an Indonesian nasi lemak. There was a piece of chicken, rice, a super thin triangle size omelette, a few crackers. To me, it was ok (plus I was hungry) but apparently the sambal in not enough and not spicy (memang tak pedas langsung).....

My colleague E ordered this:

IMG_1484 Nasi Jelimet RM9.80

It was rice with a piece of chicken with a small bowl of some sort of curry/masak lemak and a super thin slice of omelette. I think it was ok. Of course, us having sweet tooth, we ordered dessert. We ordered this:

IMG_1482 Pisang bakar coksuke – Banana with chocolate and cheese topping

I didn’t quite like the cheese part, at first it was ok but after that I felt muak so tolak-tolak cheese tuh….

So, If you are feeling Indonesian and want something different and not as spicy as ayam penyet, you can head here. It’s just next to Central Market (the old McD building)….ahh there’s also booths selling arts and crafts nearby if you like to shop too….

The address is: No. 1 & 3, Lebuh Pudu, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2026 1877

Swimming in Shangri-La, Putrajaya

Yeeeehuuu!!!..Dah lama kiddos tak gi swimming so since my brother was there with his wife, we took the opportunity to (kacau daun)...i.e.....spend almost 2 hours in the swimming pool!!...yeeehaww!!...

IMG_1172 The infinity pool in Shangri-La Putrajaya

IMG_1171 Tak feel la masuk kiddy pool!

There was also evening cocktail so we helped ourselves with cheese and crackers..and sebab main pool lama sangat sampai brother ordered sandwiches...lapar gila hoh!....Amar siap tunjuk2 kat fries sebab lapar...pastu dengan jari-jemari yang dah crumple sesangat pun masih nak main air lagi....Amir pulak sibuk ngan max-liquidator nya...sibuk nak spray water kat kitorang....

IMG_1169 Cheese and crackers with pink guava juice

IMG_1168 Sandwich by the pool

My brother said the service is excellent because they told the hotel that they were on a honeymoon so the hotel staff prepared the room for honeymooners…........... I would definitely want to come here (ajak hubs) (plus, tak ramai orang so its very calming and serene)….tapi bila la kan……(tunggu Amar 2 years plus baru boleh kot)…

This hotel is highly recommended!

IMG_1163 Kiddos with their uncle and aunty

Dinner in Laman Grill, Laman Seri of those quality family time get together dinner....this time it was in Laman Grill...

This was our first time here. Apparently this restaurant is owned by Chef Zubir Zain (one of the judges in Masterchef)...mari kita rasa makanan dia pula sebab dia done judging kan...ngeh ngeh ngeh...

IMG_1402 Laman Grill Steak & Bar-B-Que in Laman Seri, Shah Alam

IMG_1401 Inside Laman Grill

We were lapar gila sebab that evening we went jogging/walking by the Taman Tasik Shah Alam with gazillion of other people..(never seen such flood of people in the park you know, so a bit stunned)....Anyway, we arrived Laman Grill at about 845 ish and ordered.....

Tunggu punya tunggu...

Tunggu punya tunggu lagi...


Akhirnya I punya sampai dulu (share with hubby)...jadi tumpuan jap sebab semua tengah lapar so kena pow...(onion rings jer..).....heheheeh....

Disclaimer jap: All wordings for the dishes were quoted from Laman Grill menu book. The illustration in the menu book and the actual food was exactly the same....*thumbs up

IMG_1399 Meat Lover's Combo Platter RM59.50

My hubby and I ordered a Laman Grill's signature dish, it is a combination of beef shot ribs, spiced lamb kebab, grilled beef fillet mignon, lamb stew, chicken marble, mushroom-cheese sausage, onion rings, potato tart and chef's sauce.

My favourite would be the potato tart and beef shot ribs.....yummm! Sedap weyh!!! Tak rugi rasanya datang sini.....Just nice for 2 person, I was not too full nor felt 'tak cukup'...

My dear Amir ordered mushroom soup RM12.50. This is he with his dish.

IMG_1400 Amir with his soup

My younger brother ordered The Laman Surf & Turf RM79.50. It was a simply lava stone grilled half US lobster and Australian beef tenderloin, open faced oxtail-US Russet twiced, baked potato, sauteed vegetables, stone grilled Sarawak peppercorn sauce. The verdict by my brother: Yummms yumsss yumsss.....nuff said.

IMG_1397 Laman Surf and Turf

My sister ordered Frutti de Mare RM21.50. It was pasta with tiger prawns, Chilean blue mussels, squids rings and Manila clams with mushroom, garlic, chilli padi and Italian fresh basil in a zesty tomato sauce.

IMG_1393  Frutti de Mare

Mom ordered Norwegian salmon medalllion and lobster dumpling RM29.50. I didn't get the exact wordings but mom said it was  delicious!

IMG_1394 Norwegian Salmon and Lobster dumpling

Dad ordered ribs but he was not satisfied with it at all!. Dia macam dah ban tempat ni.

IMG_1396 Dad ordered ribs

My aunty ordered fish and chips. It was...normal...

And finally, my brother and his wife ordered BBQ Skewers Combo Platter RM59.50 - A mediterranean seafood skewer, Southwest American chicken-smoked sausage, Lebanese beef Meshwi, assorted breads, crispy onion rings, pilaf rice, tossed salads and homemade sauces. It was the last dish to arrive and it was quite nice also. My sister loved the Pilaf rice and the skewer set.

IMG_1392 BBQ Skewers Combo Platter

Overall, do come earlier if you wanna enjoy the food, jangan jadi cam kitorang datang lambat (but we had our reasons heh) sedap, suasana pun best, sesuai nak chillax...nyaman and tak havoc macam kat Seksyen 7 tuh..(no offense to Section 7 fans)....

Oh, except steak dia which my dad said was not up to his standards. Because of his dissatisfaction with the steak, we paid it at a discount. All in all, I think it was alright… is open everyday from 11 am to 11pm.

For reservations and location:

G33, Block 5, Laman Seri Business Park, Persiaran Sukan, Seksyen 13 Shah Alam

Tel: 03-5523 7386

Wordless Wednesday v.11

Makan ke nyanyi dik?


Moo Cow Mid Valley Gardens

Moooooooooooooo....sila dengar bunyi lembu ini yer...bila lembu diusap dan dibelai....heheheh....

IMG_1154Usap lembu

Amir wanted to try Moo Cow so much. We followed his request and went there one Sunday. He's actually a Tutti Frutti fan. So just to expand our horizon on the available froyos in market, we tried Moo Cow. Lets look at the shop first.

IMG_1155 Moo Cow Mid Valley Gardens

IMG_1156 Seating area in Moo Cow

IMG_1152 Why owl in Moo Cow?

IMG_1153 Eat Moo Cow and redeem its merchandise

IMG_1151 Our froyo (left: with Oreo crumbs, right: plain)

The verdict: Amir couldn't finish his cup. It was too much milk for him to handle. On the way home he was noxious.

Sampai rumah I asked "Tutti Frutti lagi sedap ke?....". He said "yes". End of conversation.

January Momiji

It has been quite sometime I presented Momiji for friends. This month it’s back, and the first lucky owner to my new Momiji key ring collection is……………

IMG_1343 Momiji Party Girl Accessories

Happy Birthday Fatihin!!!

Caramel Love

My first time buat caramel...(kuang kuang kuang...orang lain dah expert dah...). With the help of Cikdah my aunty, I managed to make Caramel nih...

What I used:
First I masak 1 cup of sugar sampai hangus, then campur sikit air (caramelised the sugar), at the same time I prepared the water in steamer (so that when I'm done mixing, terus masuk dalam steamer jer).

Then, in a separate container, I add:

6 eggs (buang punat supaya tak hanyir)
1 can of non-condensed milk (I used Ideal brand)
Half can of water,
1 teaspoon of corn flour
1 teaspoon of Essence of Vanilla
2 tablespoon of sugar

and then I kacau (tapi bak kata StillIda, jangan over do it coz it will create bubbles in the caramel pudding).

Put the caramelised sugar in separate bowls and tunggu dia keras pastu masukkan mixture tadi. No effort to bake heh!..Senang!

2012 here I come!!!!

Wah tajuk cam tetiba....

Tapi memang pun, I berdoa nak hadapi tahun 2012 ni dengan penuh kesabaran dengan segala cabaran yang mendatang. I have never had a new year resolution before, but I rasa this year I already have some. It came like a, more like tingggggg *ada gambar mentol..

So long year 2011 (which I thought gonna be good but still suck - money wise). Hopefully this year Allah lapangkan dada dan membuka rezeki yang lebih baik buat I dan keluarga...Aminnnnn


Amir’s orientation in pre-school

So yesterday was Amir's first day of school. I took a half day to send him and observe him while in school. He was ok. In fact, he was a-ok during orientation last week. I guess I'm so blessed to have a good child like him. Moga-moga dia menjadi anak yang soleh dan bijak. Aminnnn!!!

On the first day of orientation, Amir was ok, he knew how to socialise and able to follow the teacher's instructions. Kids were asked to choose a book and held to it until the teacher reads the book for the whole class. After that, they were given a thin book to do a dot-to-dot and some colouring. Amir excelled in dot-to-dot (I'm a proud mom, we always to dot-to-dot together) but his colouring skills were, erm..quite bad..but, baru first day, he just needs practice and he'll be fine. After that, they marched in a choo-choo-train for their brekkie, recite doa before food and later when done they learnt to recite doa after food.

The second day, Amir was a tad hard to wake up, slept while waiting for me to get ready and slept in the car. When we reached his school I touched his hair and said it was messed up. He said, "Ibu janganla pegang rambut Amir, teacher tengok...".."okeyyyy"...I said. He went through the same thing like the first day but they switched coloring after brekkie. Amir seems to be having fun with his friends.

The third day, my husband took him to kindie and left him there, and he was ok so we didn’t have to worry anymore.

Some shots I took during his orientation:

IMG_1285 Choo choo train on the way for brekkie!!!

IMG_1278 Masa break: After just 3 days, he memorised the Doa after meal…..otak macam sponge!

IMG_1284 Masing-masing sibuk amik stationeries

IMG_1280 Colouring time!!

IMG_1276 Tempat bag

IMG_1282 Learning aid

IMG_1281 Timetable for food during break

After the three days, I have come to a conclusion that it is NOT easy being a teacher in a kindie or nursery. Yes, we might think that its easy for them, they just have to take care of the kids and that's it. But, believe me (and I think you also know this) it is not easy to handle clingy and crying kids. I know I could not do it (that's why Alhamdulillah Allah gave me my kids). It takes a lot of patience and passion to educate and handle toddlers and pre-school kids.

Even to ask them to make a straight line pun satu cabaran ok. Plus, during orientation they grouped all ages together so you can imagine how disastrous it was with kids who cried again and again and being aggressive too. Memang kena banyak bersabar, I rasa i takleh kot.

Masa drop Amir depan tadika semalam, I agak sidih (tapi tak nangis la), since cikgu dia dah tunggu, tak jadik nak hantar sampai masuk kelas....he'll be fine (consoling myself). Ni baru masuk tadika, nanti darjah satu, masuk asrama, masuk kolej/uni, kawin...there'll be many more episodes of his life……..and my life as a mom.

Majlis menyambut menantu di Putrajaya

And so you already know that my two bothers are now married. You can read about them; Adiq-qoo dah kawin and Tuwin dah kawin. Majlis menyambut menantu was held in Dewan Seri Endon in Puspanitapuri in Putrajaya. My mom appointed me as a manager of the event. What the heck I know about managing wedding? or co-ordinating?....But my mom said there is no one else best to flank the title other than me (its an honour, I know). So, jadilah haku menejar for the wedding. I had to know everything from food to every small issues like where to put the door gifts. Actually, I thanked my mom for also helping me taking care of the hall and everything. I just menejar (mengejar, like seriously, memang i berkejar ke sana ke sini) on the day itself.

First, lets look at the wedding card:


My husband designed the card so after my approval, and various designs, I chose the one above. Cool tak?..It's simple and cute kan? (perasan jap).

The hall was well decorated by Abg Halim (Seksyen 7). I think he did a great job with the deco, fresh flowers and the wedding dresses and everything, yes everything.

IMG_1125 Ketua kumpulan

The food was taken care by my uncle (mom's cousin). He used to be the chef in Genting Highlands Hotel. We used to meet him when he was working there. Now, he has his own business; Ikatan Catering. The food was tasty! Apart from normal wedding rice and white rice, he also prepared laksa Penang, roti boom and chicken curry, deep fried quail (puyuh goreng), roasted lamb and desserts such as cream puff, cheese tarts, kuih koci and kuih talam ubi.

The crowd was at its peak from 8 pm to 8.30 pm. I was panicking coz there were not enough places and food for everyone. It was madness! Lagi, orang yang datang taknak balik n lepak je kat meja, so agak jem di situ. Sebab dah kekurangan lauk,  luckily my uncle had extra quails so he instantly made them into curry and top up the empty dishes. But, the buffet line was long so maybe some guests were annoyed (seriously, I yang jadik menejar taktau nak buat apa, just acknowledged that my uncle tried his best to top up as soon as he could).

Door gifts pulak, luckily mom ada extra 200 contingency doorgifts. Paling tak best kalau gi wedding tak dpt door gifts kan? (gambar doorgifts pun takde sebab suma licin).

All in all, it was tiring but alhamdulillah everything went well (except for the glitch in the food part)...Will update you with more pictures from the official photographers (sebab seriously mak tak sempat nak amik-amik gambar!).

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