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Caramel Love

My first time buat caramel...(kuang kuang kuang...orang lain dah expert dah...). With the help of Cikdah my aunty, I managed to make Caramel nih...

What I used:
First I masak 1 cup of sugar sampai hangus, then campur sikit air (caramelised the sugar), at the same time I prepared the water in steamer (so that when I'm done mixing, terus masuk dalam steamer jer).

Then, in a separate container, I add:

6 eggs (buang punat supaya tak hanyir)
1 can of non-condensed milk (I used Ideal brand)
Half can of water,
1 teaspoon of corn flour
1 teaspoon of Essence of Vanilla
2 tablespoon of sugar

and then I kacau (tapi bak kata StillIda, jangan over do it coz it will create bubbles in the caramel pudding).

Put the caramelised sugar in separate bowls and tunggu dia keras pastu masukkan mixture tadi. No effort to bake heh!..Senang!