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Majlis menyambut menantu di Putrajaya

And so you already know that my two bothers are now married. You can read about them; Adiq-qoo dah kawin and Tuwin dah kawin. Majlis menyambut menantu was held in Dewan Seri Endon in Puspanitapuri in Putrajaya. My mom appointed me as a manager of the event. What the heck I know about managing wedding? or co-ordinating?....But my mom said there is no one else best to flank the title other than me (its an honour, I know). So, jadilah haku menejar for the wedding. I had to know everything from food to every small issues like where to put the door gifts. Actually, I thanked my mom for also helping me taking care of the hall and everything. I just menejar (mengejar, like seriously, memang i berkejar ke sana ke sini) on the day itself.

First, lets look at the wedding card:


My husband designed the card so after my approval, and various designs, I chose the one above. Cool tak?..It's simple and cute kan? (perasan jap).

The hall was well decorated by Abg Halim (Seksyen 7). I think he did a great job with the deco, fresh flowers and the wedding dresses and everything, yes everything.

IMG_1125 Ketua kumpulan

The food was taken care by my uncle (mom's cousin). He used to be the chef in Genting Highlands Hotel. We used to meet him when he was working there. Now, he has his own business; Ikatan Catering. The food was tasty! Apart from normal wedding rice and white rice, he also prepared laksa Penang, roti boom and chicken curry, deep fried quail (puyuh goreng), roasted lamb and desserts such as cream puff, cheese tarts, kuih koci and kuih talam ubi.

The crowd was at its peak from 8 pm to 8.30 pm. I was panicking coz there were not enough places and food for everyone. It was madness! Lagi, orang yang datang taknak balik n lepak je kat meja, so agak jem di situ. Sebab dah kekurangan lauk,  luckily my uncle had extra quails so he instantly made them into curry and top up the empty dishes. But, the buffet line was long so maybe some guests were annoyed (seriously, I yang jadik menejar taktau nak buat apa, just acknowledged that my uncle tried his best to top up as soon as he could).

Door gifts pulak, luckily mom ada extra 200 contingency doorgifts. Paling tak best kalau gi wedding tak dpt door gifts kan? (gambar doorgifts pun takde sebab suma licin).

All in all, it was tiring but alhamdulillah everything went well (except for the glitch in the food part)...Will update you with more pictures from the official photographers (sebab seriously mak tak sempat nak amik-amik gambar!).