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February Momiji

The owner of my latest collection goes to………………………………Mahira of Ms Write Addict!!!!!…..Happy Birthday Mahira dearie!!!…..

Almiraz’s Tiramisu

I googled for the easiest recipe for a tiramisu and found here. Of course I did not put in Tia Maria but I followed the concept and changed the recipe according on my own to suit my liking.... hehehe......what I used:500g Mascarpone cheese (I used Galbani brand).....250g is not enough for a normal square cake pan
1 pack of Sponge fingers (I used Forno Bonomi brand)
Icing sugar (ikut sesedap rasa)
1 box of cream (just to mix together with Mascarpone, apparently Mascarpone tu keras sikit)
3 spoons of Nescafe
Milo Fuze 3 in 1 or Nescafe 3 in 1 or Chocolate shavings for deco
Mascarpone cheese and sponge fingersIn the morning when I was having breakfast I prepared the Nescafe (without sugar, of course) and leave to cool in the fridge. Then I did other chores like laundry, cooked lunch, fed my kids and around 2 pm I took out the Nescafe and prepared the tiramisu ingredients. This was my first time using a mixer.....I know, I'm not that good in baking so that's why I…

Amir’s Batman Themed Party

We had Amir's Batman & Robin 5th birthday party at the comfort of our home (read: mom's home). His birthday party was planned way before, but only materialised recently due to tight budget and time constraint. I actually wanted to ask my sis-in-law's brother (who is a pastry chef) to bake the cake and make hotel kinda-like desserts for the party but unfortunately he was not able to help coz he needs time to prepare and train for a contest that he had registered. Probably next time whenever he's available....(btw, he makes the best mushroom broucheese...and mini chocolate croissants...yum!). I slept at 1 am the day before making the placeholder for the food and candy together with the set up and deco. It was really tiring but I enjoyed it so much. Walaupun tak all-out full blast party (read: buat kt Kids Zania, Jungle Gym or McD), buat kat rumah je tapi rasa seronok pulak berjinak-jinak ngan hobi baru I nih...chewahh...Placeholder siap!
For the deco, hubby desi…

Batman Goody Bag

We had Amir's birthday last week. Since he likes Batman, I made a Batman themed birthday party just for him. Of course, I will need Batman stuffs and deco to fit the theme right? My husband and I, we searched high and low for Batman stuffs BUT it was sooooo difficult to find ready-made Batman toys/merchandise....(unless if you go DC Shop in Pavilion where there's a plastic Bat mobile that costs freaking RM200!!!…….and a Batman magnet that costs RM90!!!!).So, we decided to make them ourselves....(not the toys though). My husband is brilliant in designing so it's totally great when we get to be creative. Of course, I contributed the ideas and he did the designing.....muahaah... One of the main things is the goody bag. I only had 2 options of either a yellow or a black bag. I found a black kinda like shopping bag material and wanted to sew Bat logo on them..(coz its kinda fabric sikit)....buttt, it didn't materialise...don't ask why.……Then my hubby suggested to do a b…

Lunch at The Loaf, Pavilion KL

Kalau weekend keluar mesti nak carik makan kan….this time we ate at The Loaf….I have never eat-in at The Loaf before but since hubby dah suggest gi sana makan, I angguk je tanda setuju…(dalam hati best best)…hehehehYou can see The Loaf just outside Pavi as you walk towards Sephora but we dined in level 2 or 3 (I can’t remember)……Masuk je senyap sunyi sepi rasa macam makan fine dining lak, just because the place is so cosy and quiet inside, away from the hustle bustle where people walking in and out of the shops….The Loaf Menu BookOur drinks and bread with jamAmir ordered mushroom soup (as usual, nothing much pun dia suka makan…)…The creamy mushroom soup was prepared from fresh button mushrooms and highlighted with the rich scent of trufle. Amir finished it!…(must be nice la tu).Creamy Mushroom RM18.00I ordered Presto Pesto. It was pasta with zucchini, button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes tossed in a pesto and light tomato sauce. I jarang order pasta tapi kali ni nak give it a try plus…