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Almiraz’s Tiramisu

I googled for the easiest recipe for a tiramisu and found here. Of course I did not put in Tia Maria but I followed the concept and changed the recipe according on my own to suit my liking.... hehehe......what I used:

500g Mascarpone cheese (I used Galbani brand).....250g is not enough for a normal square cake pan
1 pack of Sponge fingers (I used Forno Bonomi brand)
Icing sugar (ikut sesedap rasa)
1 box of cream (just to mix together with Mascarpone, apparently Mascarpone tu keras sikit)
3 spoons of Nescafe
Milo Fuze 3 in 1 or Nescafe 3 in 1 or Chocolate shavings for deco

IMG_1528 Mascarpone cheese and sponge fingers

In the morning when I was having breakfast I prepared the Nescafe (without sugar, of course) and leave to cool in the fridge. Then I did other chores like laundry, cooked lunch, fed my kids and around 2 pm I took out the Nescafe and prepared the tiramisu ingredients. This was my first time using a mixer.....I know, I'm not that good in baking so that's why I did not spend much time using the mixer. I used the mixer just to whip the cheese and cream. But, before I did that, I letak aluminium foil kat cake pan tu so that it's easier to take out the whole tiramisu when it's done. Then, I dipped the sponge fingers into the coffee (tapi jangan lelama nanti dia lembik sangat) and arranged them into a cake pan.

IMG_1530 Sponge fingers arranged in cake pan

Next, I put the Mascarpone cheese + cream + icing sugar into the mixer. The icing sugar was really depending on how sweet you want your tiramisu to be. Based on the web that I referred to, she used half cup of caster sugar, but I used maybe more than 1 cup. I stopped when it was sweet. So, beat the mixture until stiff peaks.

IMG_1529 Beat the mascarpone cheese and cream until stiff peaks

Then, put the mixture onto the arranged sponge fingers. I let it settled for a while and continue dipping and arranging the second layer of sponge fingers. I pour the remaining mixture onto the second layer. Next, I just let it cool in the fridge for one night.

The next day, I sieve the 3 in 1 and sprinkle it on top of the tiramisu, took it out from the pan and arranged the remaining sponge at the side. Walla! ready to eat.....but there's no picture of it...tak sempat amik gambar.....maybe next time…