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Amir’s Batman Themed Party

We had Amir's Batman & Robin 5th birthday party at the comfort of our home (read: mom's home). His birthday party was planned way before, but only materialised recently due to tight budget and time constraint. I actually wanted to ask my sis-in-law's brother (who is a pastry chef) to bake the cake and make hotel kinda-like desserts for the party but unfortunately he was not able to help coz he needs time to prepare and train for a contest that he had registered. Probably next time whenever he's available....(btw, he makes the best mushroom broucheese...and mini chocolate croissants...yum!).

I slept at 1 am the day before making the placeholder for the food and candy together with the set up and deco. It was really tiring but I enjoyed it so much. Walaupun tak all-out full blast party (read: buat kt Kids Zania, Jungle Gym or McD), buat kat rumah je tapi rasa seronok pulak berjinak-jinak ngan hobi baru I nih...chewahh...

IMG_1548 Placeholder siap!

For the deco, hubby designed a banner and he sent for printing. Gambarnya sama macam badge Amir so takdela lari konsep sangat. I borrowed his Batman comics dated back from 1995...(wah....).....and put at a corner as deco. Personalised mineral water was considered as a deco as well sebab we just a bought only a few of them. Amir has 3 Batman toys (courtesy of McDonalds) and that was it. So I used that as a deco too. I bought some lollipops, for deco as well.

DSC_0049 Personalised mineral water

DSC_0048 Plastic cutlery wrapped in Bat tissue (for kids)

The Batman stickers were made by my hubby so I just cut and paste them onto everything just to make the table look Batman-gy.....nasib tak tampal kat alas meja.....

IMG_1507Bat stickers

The food, was awesome. My Cikdah made pulut kuning and rendang daging. She also made chicken curry for roti jala which my mom ordered. Mom also ordered our favourite kek lapis. The best part was, my mom made spaghetti...yummy!....(I was supposed to make them but mommy voluntered so, I was so happy!...ngeh ngeh.....)

DSC_0057 Beef spaghetti

DSC_0052 Mini sausage rolls

DSC_0053 My favourite satay

DSC_0051 Kek lapis prune & asam manis

DSC_0054 Cookies

DSC_0055 Cupcakes

DSC_0056 Candy and marshmallows

DSC_0058 Lolipops

My friend E made mini apple crumble (extra sweet - just because I like it sweet). My sister in laws and brothers sponsored the satay Hj Samuri...yummerss!!!.....oh and yeah, I made tiramisu (hooray!...I made something also yeah....)....tapi takde gambar sebab tak sempat amik. Rasanya pulak over manisss...

IMG_1550 Mini apple crumble

I rented bouncy castle from a friend's friend but unfortunately I don't have the full picture here. It was 2.7 m x 2.7 m 1.8 m and the rental per day was RM250 (not inclusive of transportation charges). I think the kids had fun mostly because of this bouncy castle. Or else, sure boring diorang semua sebab I didn't plan any games for them.





Amir requested to have water balloons for fun so seronok tengok diorang main baling-baling.....heheheheh....




Overall, the party was a success except for one thing.....but lets just leave it for now....The most important thing is my Amir is happy.....and baby Amar was also happy...just look at the happy faces.....

Amar the Robin

DSC_0131 Amir the Batman

DSC_0083 Iman the Princess Jasmine

DSC_0079 Ahmina the Angry Bird

DSC_0085 Tuwin the Janggut Man

DSC_0077 Aunty Shaza the Catwoman

DSC_0144 Uncle Faz the Phantom


Amir said ..: Thank you for coming and thanks for the presents!…..

DSC_0168 Dah kemas-kemas barang

DSC_0139 Amar the Janggut boy

Until next birthday!


Anonymous said…
Bestnyeeeee... Wonder nxt befday apa theme dia lak kan? Teringin nak tompang join befday party cam gini nxt time... Boleh? Hehehe...
~ Aunty Lin ~
Almiraz said…
Aunty Lin!!...tema mmg best tapi nak carik brg tuk tema tang tu yang susah sikit tu.....aunty lin nk birthday tema apa?.. skang ni mcm2 ada..tema Chanel lah, tema mcm2 lagilah...bukan setakat tema tuk birthday kanak2 je nowadays....nak tumpang join no poblem at all!....syaratnya kena menetap di Malaysia..hehehehe
Iz Yahya said…
Amboi bestnya dapat ibu yang creative macam ni. Dah macam hidangat dekat hotel dah siap ada placeholder. Hehe. Happy birthday Amir :)
Almiraz said…
Haha iz, i tido lewat nyusun benda2 tu...hehe...kalau u ada sini mesti i dh invite dah...thnks iz!!
yatie chomeyl said…
meriahnya bday amir..also rajinnya u to go into the details of preparation for his bday. kagum ternganga2 mulut i tgk gmbr2 tu hehe
Almiraz said…
Yatie: Thanks for your comments!...tapi I still rasa ni tak berapa detail sebab ada banyak benda yang I nak buat tapi tak sempat....sebenarnya I suka buat benda2 camni dari kerja...(hahhaah....) biasalah tu kan...
Mariam Abbas said…
hi, do you mind sharing the contact for the bouncy castle?
Almiraz said…
Mariam: Sure I dont mind...gimme your e-mail address and I will forward to you ya!
Suhaimi Salleh said…
Hi..can give me the details on the bouncy castle too. Thanks in advance :)
Anonymous said…
Hi, I am interested to know more about the bouncy castle details. Do you mind sharing the cntact?

Thank you so much
Almiraz said…
Suhaimi & Anon: I have e-mailed you guys ya...
Anonymous said…
Salam Almiraz..mind sharing me too on ur bouncy looking for a small one n yours fit the bill..wanted to have it indoor..

My email is