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Batman Goody Bag

We had Amir's birthday last week. Since he likes Batman, I made a Batman themed birthday party just for him. Of course, I will need Batman stuffs and deco to fit the theme right? My husband and I, we searched high and low for Batman stuffs BUT it was sooooo difficult to find ready-made Batman toys/merchandise....(unless if you go DC Shop in Pavilion where there's a plastic Bat mobile that costs freaking RM200!!!…….and a Batman magnet that costs RM90!!!!).

So, we decided to make them ourselves....(not the toys though). My husband is brilliant in designing so it's totally great when we get to be creative. Of course, I contributed the ideas and he did the designing.....muahaah...

One of the main things is the goody bag. I only had 2 options of either a yellow or a black bag. I found a black kinda like shopping bag material and wanted to sew Bat logo on them..(coz its kinda fabric sikit)....buttt, it didn't materialise...don't ask why.……Then my hubby suggested to do a big stamp and stamp paint on it. It also didn't materialise coz the wood block is soo expensive. Lastly, he sprayed yellow colour using a cut out he drew just like in the picture below. So, jadilah goody bag DIY ini.

bat.jpg Bat artwork

IMG_1524 Spraying aftermath

DSC_0033 Two types of Batman goody bag

IMG_1527 Batman goody bag siap!

So inside the bag we filled with goodies below:

DSC_0031 Batman badge

I googled the Batman logo, hubby designed into a medium sized badge measurement and I sent to Central Market for print. Only RM2.00 per badge. Really nice huh?

DSC_0034 Batman notebook

Brilliant design by hubby. Each book costs just 50 cents and the recycled paper is just 20 cents per piece. Printing sendiri. Kalau ada notebook, mestila ada pencils kan…I bought the pencils in a kedai serbaguna. It was so cheap just RM2 per box of 12 pencils.

IMG_1525 Batman toothpaste

Ok, Masterkids is the only brand with superheroes toiletries. They have Batman, Superman and Spiderman. Check out their range of products in Giant hypermarket. No website found though…..although, my second time searching high and low for other superheroes after that failed. None of the Giant stores have them anymore. Maybe stopped production?…..le sigh…….so I bought Colgate Barbie toothpaste for girls….(coz the first time I bought Batman toothpaste tu tak cukup)…..

DSC_0037 Reese Pieces - Beli kat Candylicious

DSC_0035 Sun maid raisins

...sekotak kecik raisins...I mmg suka kasi benda ni...hahaahah..healthy kunun...

DSC_0050 Batman goody bag and goodies

In addition to the above, I filled the bags last minute with other sweets and balloons so that they would be a lot more goodies for the kids. I hope the kids love them!


Coffee Mama said…
U tau tak zara hari2 request nak pakai the batman badge..She loves it! By d way, thanx for inviting us..walaupun zara is a bit shy2 cat girl :-P
Almiraz said…

Yeke Zara suka badge tu?...yelah kan kuning je...warnanya menarik problemo ...Zara main tak councy castle tu?.....tu lah, kita pun tak sempat bergambar.....lain kali birthday...