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Kiehl’s susah nak sebut

I was in a transition.

Last few weeks tengah dalam proses nak tukar facial wash. I have changed from Amway facial wash (which I have been using since forever) to Kiehl's. I bought a small one but I also keep a bit of the Amway polishing scrub (just in case Kiehl's ni tak best).

Since I dah biasa ngan Amway ni  dengan scrub bagai, tetiba facial clenser Kiehl's ni takde beads, rasa weird. But, knowing that Kiehl's skin care range is developed by their own dermatologist, I feel a bit secured that it's not something harmful or damaging the skin right?......Cumanya ia sangat mahal. The clenser is RM40 plus (oklah sebab Amway is RM67) tetapi, the scrub is the one yang super mahal!!..It's RM160 for a small tube. So, guna pun jimat-jimat once a week only, sebesar duit 10 sen and massage onto face not more than 2 minutes. So, what happens if more than 2 minutes? Your skin will rosak....I taktau la sales person tu yang cakap and it seems that she knows a lot, so I percaya dia.

 IMG_1339 Kiehl’s that I bought with free samples

I spent more than RM200 coz nak jadik member (I tambah Kiehl's Berry 1851 Lip Gloss). Apparently this lip gloss is a best seller sebab dia mosturises and gloss at the same time. I pakai macam ok la, takde la hebat sangat. Sales person tu bagi banyak free samples sebab baru jadik member.
Memula pakai suma ok. Lepas tu...

Hoh!...3 bijiks jihrawat!!!...1 week on Kiehl's facial wash.....and once on Keihl's scrub....See, I told you I tak puas kalau tak scrub sehari, that moment jerawat naik, terus pakai balik Amway polishing scrub eden...My friend said I should go back to Kiehl's and get some sort of refund or treatment sebab its a US company so you can demand. I macam, haihhh.......takpe la biar je lah....I need to buy my Polishing scrub pronto!....