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Lunch at The Loaf, Pavilion KL

Kalau weekend keluar mesti nak carik makan kan….this time we ate at The Loaf….I have never eat-in at The Loaf before but since hubby dah suggest gi sana makan, I angguk je tanda setuju…(dalam hati best best)…heheheh

You can see The Loaf just outside Pavi as you walk towards Sephora but we dined in level 2 or 3 (I can’t remember)……Masuk je senyap sunyi sepi rasa macam makan fine dining lak, just because the place is so cosy and quiet inside, away from the hustle bustle where people walking in and out of the shops….

IMG_1487 The Loaf Menu Book

IMG_1488 Our drinks and bread with jam

Amir ordered mushroom soup (as usual, nothing much pun dia suka makan…)…The creamy mushroom soup was prepared from fresh button mushrooms and highlighted with the rich scent of trufle. Amir finished it!…(must be nice la tu).

IMG_1489 Creamy Mushroom RM18.00

I ordered Presto Pesto. It was pasta with zucchini, button mushrooms and cherry tomatoes tossed in a pesto and light tomato sauce. I jarang order pasta tapi kali ni nak give it a try plus mesti nak suap Amar. Si kecik tu mesti cakap nak nak nak, so, walaupun I wanted to order the chilli pasta or yang pedas…I pikir lama nak decide yang mana, last sekali order yang ni…Hubby tak suka but I like it (but not extremely like it la…I suka lagi kalau  pedas).

IMG_1492 Presto Pesto The Loaf RM20

Hubby ordered Beef Brisket. It’s barbequed braised beef brisket topped with Italian Mozzarella cheese, onion jam and jalapeno. Ini I rasa memang western habis (rasa macam kat Texas)…hahahahh…macamla pernah pegi Texas kan?…Tapi memang best sampai I letak dalam pasta I tu sebab pasta tu takde daging…memang sesuai utk vegetarians…

IMG_1491 Beef Brisket RM33

I ni ada gigi manis particularly kat benda-benda yang I suka. One of them are these chocolate croissant from The Loaf. Bestnya I love them!

IMG_1490 Chocolate croissant RM4.90 each and chocolate petite RM2.30

Ni Amir at front of the restaurant…..he’s one happy customer (plus one: me)…Thanks hubby!

IMG_1493 Model weekly special

Do come to any of the Loaf, tak rugi sebab it’s nice…..


Papa-NtiQ said…
Hai!!......cakap pasal The Loaf, saya baru jer gi kat branch di Sogo. Memang terbaek!!..Pics dah upload jadi senang2 tu jenguk la yer blog saya
Topik 100% tentang makan..makan dan...makan tak der topik lain :)
Dan kalu minat tu follow yer blog saya TQ TQ