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Jom Draw Something

By now, mesti ramai dah tahu pasal Draw Something nih....memula biasa je tapi skang I dah addicted!!...hahhaha....Exactly like kids’ drawings kan?….but its so much fun!!

Lunch in Snowflakes Bangsar South

I love to have lunch here. Apart from the free parking, this is the only place where I can get home-cooked meal, for lunch. My friends said don't blog about this place because it will make even more people come here. But hey, who reads my blog anyway, there's no traffic and ciput followers. I'm blogger picisan so, I think I'm safe.....heheheheh..Snowflakes Bangsar SouthSnowflakes is situated next to Nelson's (LG level) in Bangsar South. If you ever come here be sure that it's early (like around 11 above) coz it's normally full house around 1 plus. Waiting time is quite slow if you reach past 1. The menu looks decent with various selection of food. The price is the best, they're reasonable. They have Daily Specials according to days. What we normally have:Mee Hoon Soup RM6.50Nasi Kunyit Set RM8.90If you notice the plates they’re using, they’re old Pyrex. Like this one above, it’s exactly what my mom has…hehheeh.Nasi Ayam Set RM8.90Nasi Lemak Set RM8.90My…

It happened to me: Credit Card Fraud

I came back home last Friday just to discover from my credit card statement that somebody had used my card and spent freakin' RM527.86 via Paypal Singapore, buying what? I don't know but the website was Usbfever. After Googling, I learnt that it was an online shop selling accessories and gadgets for Mac and iphone as well as ipad products. The thing is, I do not have a paypal account in Malaysia, apatah lagi Singapore. And I dah ada cover untuk my phone, so thank you lah memang I takkan masuk website tu. My online transaction pun boleh dikira dengan jari. Peliks bin ajaib betul! The transaction was however, credited a few days after (reflected in my credit card statement). Fuhhh! But unfortunately, I had to bear the cost of exchange rate difference for a transaction that I did not perform (about RM8.38).Naturally, I called the bank to enquire but apparently the bank said they do not have details to the transaction and it was presumed to be my act. They were like 'takpelah …

Churros in Molten Lava, OU

I love Churros. The last time I had was in Melbourne (read here). Dah lama tahu pasal Molten Lava ni sebab search kat mana nak carik churros kat KL nih. Akhirnya I sampai jugak OU (setelah berzaman tak pegi OU). Churros sangat best!Chocolate sprinkled and Cinnamon ChurrosThe shop is small but they have various choices of macarons.I just wanted my churros. Nasib baik la ada.Spoilt with choices of macaronsBergambar kenangan di depan Molten LavaMenu aka price list kat Molten Lava<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Material is like Muji?

I went to the one in Empire Mall, Subang. I think this shop is like Muji but the main problem was I didn't get to take any pictures of the things inside the shop. I was like...erghh..I want to blog about this coz it has got really cutesy stuff. As soon as I was about to snap a picture, the salesgirl said 'no cameras are allowed, there's cctv here'. Material Empire Mall Subang'Fine', I said.
Then I asked, 'do you have a website?'
She went 'no!' (kinda like no! and stop talking to me). I feel like I'm in prison man. Then I said 'so how can I promo your shop if I can't take pictures?'
And then I left...(then again, who ever reads my blog? point).So, I just took the outside view picture and leave it to that. And then I found their website here. Such cute and awesome cutesy stuff!!!.....Kinda like Muji and Typo but not to that level yet....(just my opinion).I guess they want people to go to their website hence no cameras ar…

Lunch in Kg. Baru

If you have time, drop by Kg. Baru for a scrumptious yet cheap lunch in Warung Mak Ipah. I come here to meet my tailor cum aunty, and only when I have fabric to make baju kurung. She does the baju perfectly like I, because I think she's an awesome tailor (plus cheap) my friend came along coz she has a few fabric to make baju kurung as well. 
Warung Mak Ipah is situated along Jalan Raja Muda Musa. It's easy if you follow along the road, it's just a few blocks after the Lorong Raja Muda Musa 4 (on the left).Warung Mak Ipah bannerThe best thirst quencher here would be the kedondong asam boi. It's heavenly sour and sweet. Soooo......nice!The first time we went, we ordered a few dishes and shared. Sup Tulang RM6
Mee Rebus RM4.50 Nasi Ayam RM5The second time we went (to pick up the baju kurung), we had: Mee Kari RM4 Sup Tulang with beehoon RM7
Do try if you feel like having authentic Malay food.

A day in Universal Studios Singapore (USS) - part 2 (food and reminders)

When we were there, of course we would need to eat at some point. There are 3 Halal restaurants and they are:
1. Oasis Spice Cafe (in Ancient Egypt)
2. Mel's Drive In (Hollywood)
3. Celebrity Cafe & Bakery (Hollywood)
We had our lunch in Oasis Spice Cafe. The food was mostly familiar to us...kinda like beriani, soto and nuggets for kids. What we had:SotoSalad – tapi cheese dia masin hence, tak sedapFor dinner, we had burgers in Mel's Drive In. It was a really retro cafe, with a jukebox in the middle. A really great place to chillax while you enjoy the retro songs played.Mel’s Drive In in USSWhat we had – Double Cheeseburger, Fish Burger and Coney Dog – My Fish Burger sedap!!Khas untuk tatapan Kak Mel….heheehhThere are souvenir shops in each of the parks so make sure you get enough souvenirs......but there's always a main shop where they sell all souvenirs (from all parks) so just head to the Universal Studios Store in Hollywood area. Awards syok sendiriAfter we …

A day in Universal Studios Singapore (USS) – part 1 (rides)

My family and I stayed in Puteri Pacific, JB and thank god they have this package together with USS tickets and transport to get there (even though it was not school holidays). So, this saved my life from buying tickets online, finding transport and other admin things. Just pay in full 7 days before check-in (so that they can confirm with their agent), and don't worry a thing.So, as that one was settled, I researched on the theme park and strategized my way to make sure that I can fully utilise the time that we had there. One most important note: If you are planning to ride Transformers The Ride, make sure you get an express pass (that costs SGD30) because from what I researched the line could get up to 2 hours..that is, if you go on weekends...I went on a weekday so there was no line!......yeeeehaw!So, the theme park was divided into 7 main areas; (from right to left of the entrance) and in brackets are the main rides; and I put (K) for kids ride:
Sci Fi City [Battlestar Galac…