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A day in Universal Studios Singapore (USS) – part 1 (rides)

My family and I stayed in Puteri Pacific, JB and thank god they have this package together with USS tickets and transport to get there (even though it was not school holidays). So, this saved my life from buying tickets online, finding transport and other admin things. Just pay in full 7 days before check-in (so that they can confirm with their agent), and don't worry a thing.

So, as that one was settled, I researched on the theme park and strategized my way to make sure that I can fully utilise the time that we had there. One most important note: If you are planning to ride Transformers The Ride, make sure you get an express pass (that costs SGD30) because from what I researched the line could get up to 2 hours..that is, if you go on weekends...I went on a weekday so there was no line!......yeeeehaw!

So, the theme park was divided into 7 main areas; (from right to left of the entrance) and in brackets are the main rides; and I put (K) for kids ride:

Sci Fi City [Battlestar Galactica Cyclon & Human, Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle]
Hubby, me and Amir took the Transformers Ride (K - with height requirement). It was great! Amir loved it! The ride was basically us joining the Autobots and Optimus Prime as fighters against the forces of evil....

DSC_0030 Transformers The Ride

IMG_1590 Beli kepala Bumble.B di Planet Yen setelah selesai bertarung bersama Autobots

DSC_0032 With Optimus Prime

Next ride was Battlestar Galactica HUMAN (kaler merah). That was the last ride for hubby coz he went dizzy the whole day after this ride. Fortunately, I was alright  and enjoyed the rest of the day (except for the hot sun)….(gedik puteri lilin jap…)

IMG_1589Battlestar Galactica HUMAN and CYCLON silang-silang

Anciet Egypt [Revenge of the Mummy, Treasure Hunters]
I took this ride with sis-in-law. I would say it was the best ride because I didn't feel as intensed and as plunged when I took the HUMAN ride. Whenever the roller coaster plunged, I can still open my eyes, unlike the HUMAN where I had to face the 'gayatness' in day light....hehehe...kira tak aci sikitla ride ni sebab gelap...tapi overall best la, takde la takut sangat. Gambar takdak sebab last minute decision nak naik ke taknak…dah alang-alang kat sini kan, rugi pulok tak naik……

DSC_0115 My boys (but not the tall one ah)

Treasure Hunters (K) was baby Amar's first ride for the day. He had another ride after that and then spent his day in the stroller and slept in it. Thank you Peg Pereggo!

DSC_0136Treasure Hunters is a family ride

DSC_0064 Baby Amar was happy in his stroller

Lost World [Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, Canopy Flyer, WaterWorld 'live' show and Dino Soaring (K)]
Ok, sila jangan tertipu dengan Canopy Flyer ride ye. I took this ride with Amir. Magadd, I tell you, bila tengok ada budak kecik mat saleh naik tu takde la rasa takut sangat, tapi bila naik…………………………..I screamed the whole time while my dear Amir just didn't say a thing. After the ride, he wanted to cry and go home. I coaxed him by saying that he had been the bravest person I have ever met (diikuti dengan rasuah dalam bentuk ais krim). After that, he was ok...phew!!!....Canopy Flyer nampak cam tak laju tapi sebenarnya laju and gayat giler!!!...Hati-hati ye!

IMG_1597 Amir tengah beratur. Nampak tak budak kecik kat belakang tu, kitorang ingat ok la ride ni tapi….I macam epic gayat

DSC_0070 Canopy Flyer ride

We didn't ride the Rapids adventure coz weren't ready to be wet. Dino Soarin' kitorang naik second time pusing Lost World. The WaterWorld, we came back second time coz the show was scheduled at 4:30 pm, so we remembered to come back.

IMG_1594 Amir depan Dino-Soarin’

DSC_0057 Dino Soarin’ ride

DSC_0126WaterWorld show

DSC_0123 The crowd that day – tak ramai

Far Far Away [Enchanted Airways, Shrek 4D Adventure, Magic Potion Spin (K)]
We didn't take any rides outdoor...we just went for a stroll and took pictures. I rode the Magic Potion Spin with Amir and Amar It’s a mini ferris wheel so really great for kids.

DSC_0084 Magic Potion Spin

DSC_0140 Fairy Godmother

DSC_0113 Far Far Away from afar

Madagascar [King Juliens (K), A Crate Adventure (K)]
Most appropriate for kids, your whole family can enjoy the Crate adventure coz dia slow je lalu air and King Juliens kinda like carousel.

DSC_0073  Dino head in Madagascar Park

DSC_0097 The lot posing for a picture

Hollywood and New York (no rides) - so we just strolled and took pictures.

DSC_0102 Siapakah?…dia tetiba je datang takutkan I pastu larik….I sempat amik gambr belakang dia jer…

DSC_0021Souvenir stall

DSC_0101 Car stall

DSC_0024 Stall lagi

DSC_0109 Nak pilih topi?…macam-macam ada kat The Brown Derby ni