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A day in Universal Studios Singapore (USS) - part 2 (food and reminders)

When we were there, of course we would need to eat at some point. There are 3 Halal restaurants and they are:
1. Oasis Spice Cafe (in Ancient Egypt)
2. Mel's Drive In (Hollywood)
3. Celebrity Cafe & Bakery (Hollywood)

We had our lunch in Oasis Spice Cafe. The food was mostly familiar to us...kinda like beriani, soto and nuggets for kids. What we had:

DSC_0044 Soto

DSC_0046 Salad – tapi cheese dia masin hence, tak sedap

For dinner, we had burgers in Mel's Drive In. It was a really retro cafe, with a jukebox in the middle. A really great place to chillax while you enjoy the retro songs played.

DSC_0151 Mel’s Drive In in USS

food What we had – Double Cheeseburger, Fish Burger and Coney Dog – My Fish Burger sedap!!

Mel Khas untuk tatapan Kak Mel….heheehh

There are souvenir shops in each of the parks so make sure you get enough souvenirs......but there's always a main shop where they sell all souvenirs (from all parks) so just head to the Universal Studios Store in Hollywood area.

DSC_0104 Awards syok sendiri

After we came out of the park, we rendezvous-ed around the area while waiting for our bus. Bought Garrets and took pictures outside Candylicious.

DSC_0171 Candylicious’s signature Candy Tree

DSC_0172 Amir with Yellow M&M

DSC_0165 Amir with Mr. Hershey and Ms. Reese

DSC_0169 Nom nom nom

A reminder when travelling here with kids, make sure you have:
1. Wet tissue/wipes - there's no water in most of the toilets, unless if you go to the last end of the toilet, you will find one cubicle that has water tap, other than that, nada.

2. Cookies/Baby biscuits - in case if the kids get bored waiting for you in line, so you should stuff them with cookies or baby biscuits.

3. Plain water - drink lots of plain water instead of the carbonated drinks and slushies. Yes, you should buy just one soft drink and one slushies coz a slushie costed SGD13 and the Bumble.B head costed SGD26!!!.......don't succumb into buying too many water bottles or you will end up like me who kept on re-filling (a refill of soft drink is SGD2 while a refill of slushies is SGD4.50) and then, thanks to the hot scorching sun, all of us were down with flu few days after.

DSC_0038 Bumble.B’s head SGD26

IMG_1599 Slushie SGD13

4. Sun screen - ini bukan gediks, ini memang panas...please apply sun screen coz you will be under the sun all day

5. Sun shades - bring your own sun shades and your kids'....don’t end up like me where I had to spend SGD18 for a freakin plastic shades for Amir.

6. Mini fan - memang panas, if you use one fan when in malls, double up when used here.

7. Prayer room – Adequately spacious prayer room is located in Anciet Egypt Park (nearer to Sci-Fi City). No worries if you forgot to bring your prayer clothes. They have some there.

8. Map – Study the map and plan your visit before you actually get there.

Enjoy your time in USS!