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Lunch in Snowflakes Bangsar South

I love to have lunch here. Apart from the free parking, this is the only place where I can get home-cooked meal, for lunch. My friends said don't blog about this place because it will make even more people come here. But hey, who reads my blog anyway, there's no traffic and ciput followers. I'm blogger picisan so, I think I'm safe.....heheheheh..

IMG_1647 Snowflakes Bangsar South

Snowflakes is situated next to Nelson's (LG level) in Bangsar South. If you ever come here be sure that it's early (like around 11 above) coz it's normally full house around 1 plus. Waiting time is quite slow if you reach past 1.


The menu looks decent with various selection of food. The price is the best, they're reasonable. They have Daily Specials according to days.

What we normally have:

IMG_1645 Mee Hoon Soup RM6.50

IMG_1642 Nasi Kunyit Set RM8.90

If you notice the plates they’re using, they’re old Pyrex. Like this one above, it’s exactly what my mom has…hehheeh.

IMG_1644 Nasi Ayam Set RM8.90

IMG_1641 Nasi Lemak Set RM8.90

IMG_1646 My fav Iced Tea Lychee RM3

One time we went there I secara kepochinya (naluri juruaudit – can’t help it) telah bertanya ngan cashier (the guy with curls). Dia cakap semuanya home-cooked by the old guy’s wife (sambil pointing to an old guy who is wiping the tables). Then I said patutla sedap……Haish dap dap nyer…..ku akan selalu berada di sana …hehehehe…


azzamoro said…
ehh i baca ur blog. i dah tau. nanti i nak pergi. hehehhe
Almiraz said…
Haha sila sila...jom pegi whenever u're here...nti just wassap i....hehehehe