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Material is like Muji?

I went to the one in Empire Mall, Subang. I think this shop is like Muji but the main problem was I didn't get to take any pictures of the things inside the shop. I was like...erghh..I want to blog about this coz it has got really cutesy stuff. As soon as I was about to snap a picture, the salesgirl said 'no cameras are allowed, there's cctv here'.

IMG_1633 Material Empire Mall Subang

'Fine', I said.

Then I asked, 'do you have a website?'

She went 'no!' (kinda like no! and stop talking to me). I feel like I'm in prison man. Then I said 'so how can I promo your shop if I can't take pictures?'

And then I left...(then again, who ever reads my blog? point).

So, I just took the outside view picture and leave it to that. And then I found their website here. Such cute and awesome cutesy stuff!!!.....Kinda like Muji and Typo but not to that level yet....(just my opinion).

I guess they want people to go to their website hence no cameras are allowed. Seriously if only she could look away for just a few seconds, I would have taken so many pictures. That happened in Typo (the most awesome and my favourite shop ever).


yatie chomeyl said…
sombongnya SA tu,kalau i jadi u...i x promote dh kedai dia hahahhaa
Almiraz said…
Yatie: Hahaha...husband I pun cakap gitu...takpelah...kasi can...(ewah ewah)...
Mohammad Alias said…
ntah....i pun kalau tahu diorang sombong...jangan harap i nak masuk kedai diaorang