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Almiraz Homemade Pacman Pizza

Korang kalu ada kat Manchester sila lah pegi Pizza Co. Masa dulu I memang suka gi sana sebab piza dia sedaps....Ni snapshot depan Pizza Co.

pizzaco PizzaCo, Oxford Road Manchester, UK

Gambar ni pun my friend yang skang kat sana amik kan. Tu laaa masa dulu tak pernah terpikir nak amik gambar2 tempat. Asyik2 amik gambar muka jer...skang nak tulis blog kan susah...(membebel seorang diri)...

Anyway, disebabkan teringat sangat kat Pizza Co, maka I telah terpikir untuk buat piza sendiri….(walaupun rasa tak sama ngan Pizza Co). I used to work in Deliqueen Cafe loooong time ago. Deliqueen Cafe was situated in Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam (which was 'the' most favourite hang out place when I was in school). Di situlah I jumpa Ziana Zain y'all!……heheheh...dia tanya I 'mana sudu sayang?" I macam excited gila dapat cakap ngan Ziana Zain.......heheheheh....

Anyway, reminiscence aside, during my short stint, I learnt to make foods such as roasted chicken and pizza. Sad but true, I can remember only these two recipes (forgive me, it has been 13 years). So, since I found pizza dough in Bagus Seksyen 13 last few weeks, I figured I should do some home made pizza for Amir and my family. I really don't know how to make the dough though, hence I bought them. Anyway, this is the recipe that I learnt from my dear Kak Rose (who has now retired from the cafe business).

IMG_1618 Ingredients for homemade pizza

To make the sauce for the base, you will need:(recipe is for 5 medium sized pizzas)
Mix together:
Tomato Ketchup 1 bottle (I like to use Maggi)
Brown sugar (2 - 3 tbsp)
Oregano ground (2 - 3 tbsp)
Garlic powder (1 tbsp)
And then spread the mixture onto the pizza base. Make sure tepi-tepi base pun cover baru sedap.
For the toppings, you can put anything you want exactly! What I used:

Canned Pineapples (Ayam Brand je sebab murah)
Canned mushrooms (kalau ada fresh mushrooms lagi best)
Capsicum (if you have red, yellow and green pun best, I just used the green one)
Sausage 5 - 6 pieces (potong slice)
Minced beef or chicken (sukati nak apa, I used beef)

IMG_1617 Put all the ingredients on the dough

Lagi best if you have pepperoni. Sini takde pepperoni. So sad :(
It's better if you saute' the sausages and the minced beef first so that you don't have to worry whether it's cooked or not when in the oven. Takut dough tu hangit lak kalau nak tunggu daging masak.


IMG_1614 Homemade Pacman Pizza


Anonymous said…
Alolo... pizza dough trsgt la senang sayang oiii... Once upon a time, i luv to bake rectangle shaped pizza, mcm lebih sedap je... :)
Nape pizza tu tiada taburan moza chiz topping?
~ Aunty Lin
Almiraz said…
Haha aunty Lin....tak cukup cheese ler pulok time tu...pakai cheese asal boleh jer.....abt the dough, senang ke susah ker...otak ni belum boleh nak mem baking lagi, walaupun sebenarnya minat gile ngan fancy cookies....hahhaa...nanti aunty leh ajar Ol camne nak buat pizza dough...ngeh ngeh ngeh