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Library Shah Alam – Part II

Library nowadays are not like the in the olden days… libraries are trendy, user friendly, promotes discussion, technologically advanced and built with a touch of modern architecture…….I wrote once about Sasana Kijang (you can read it here). I also wrote about Library Shah Alam but only the kids area (read it here). This time is the Shah Alam library in which I paid a visit for a purpose; to study…hehehe….

IMG_1834 Library Shah Alam- inside

IMG_1839 Inside Library Shah Alam – another view

When you reach there, you will have to take off your shoes and put them in a bag, don’t forget to bring them with you…kasut you, tanggungjawab you lah kan….hehehe…

IMG_1838 Notice about your shoes

IMG_1842 Opening hours

You can put your valuables in a locker if you don’t wanna carry your bag back and forth between isles…..I think just masuk coins but not sure how much coz I didn’t use it.

IMG_1848 Lockers in Library Shah Alam

IMG_1846 Level directory

You can go to any level that you want actually but most people like the lower ground coz it’s a lot less colder as compared to the upper floors……I like to go to the 4th floor in the morning but gradually sebab terlampau sejuk, I turun ke ground floor…..tapi once bertambah ramai orang, bertambah bising jadiknya…..apa lagi, I pun cucuk telinga lah jawabnya….

Bila tengok students belajar kat sini siap buat group study semua, tetiba teringat zaman kat kolej…seronok time tu, memangla exam is a burden but the fun of being with friends is the best!….zaman kerja ni, makin lama makin hilang kawan-kawan…..

IMG_1849 View from Level 4

IMG_1844 A chair in G floor

When you are hungry, you can head to the cafe situated just beside the library…food is kinda nice and cheap too!

IMG_1841 Part of the cafe

There is even a gym here so, apa lagi, kalau nak work out sini pun no hal…but I didn’t check whether it’s free or you need to pay….maybe you need to pay?…I’m not sure..

IMG_1840 Gym 3 benda je, but hey, it’s better than one right?

If you would like to borrow the books there, you need to register. It’s free. You can also extend or renew your book loans for a max of 3 weeks. You can do it by phone or by sms. You need to enquire. Kalau nak pulangkan buku, on the way out, you can just deposit the book at one of these machines. Cool kan?….

IMG_1847  PPAS book drop

So, apa lagi, lets go to the library….you can bring your kids but they are only allowed at the kids area…..


yatie chomeyl said…
bestnya libarary..mcm nk tdo dlm tu je i rasa hehe
Almiraz said…
Iyer...I pun!...sejuknya sejuk gila...I siap bwk stokin bagai...kalau I bwk winter coat I sure org cakap apahalla budak ni...heheheh